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Blog but be careful about what you blah, blah..

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source: Bangalore Mirror of todate pg.8 - bloggers park   -  and


This is a court decision that has held that there is a limit to anonymous speech on the Internet.   The normal laws that govern our society are starting to apply to the Internet, just as much as in the “real” offline world.  Bloggers are free to create blogs talking about any topic they want, but they will be held to the same standards as newspaper reporters. 

The elements of a defamation lawsuit are:
1.        a false statement;
2.        published to a third party without privilege or authorization;
3.        with fault amounting to at least negligence;
4.        that caused special harm or defamation per se.

- Service provider may have to reveal the identity of the blogger under orders of a competent court and further subject to 'clear proof'.

Prajas guidelines are clear but bloggers need to be a little more careful about their entries, in view of the above legal development

Better be careful - just for information of Prajas. Happy blogging.

- Vasanthkumar Mysoremath


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While bloggers have to be cautious about blogging in view of court decisions, Twitter has gone one step forward and is adopting API (Application Programming Interface) in its ever increasing micro-blogging machine.

- Purpose is to let the catfighting tweeters know from which part of the world the tweet is coming from with locational latitude and longtitude.

- In addition to letting people tweet each other and keep exchanging their views, news, etc., in times of disaster, this API will be of enormous help.

- There will be an option for the Tweeters - they will have to activate the new feature (default setting will be 'off') to let the other party know your whereabouts.

Just for information of prajas.

- Vasanth Mysoremath comment guidelines

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