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Absence of Sense of Urgency in Government Hospitals

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One of our relative, just 48 yrs of age, who was suspected to have cancer living in a small town 'Sagar Katte' near famous KRS Dam, after many preliminary investigations in various hospitals of Mysore like KR Hospital, JSS Hospital could not come to a conclusion. Some doctors suspected cancer is in 1st stage, some said it is not a cancer. 

On 22nd Jan, they came to Bangalore to get it checked in Kidwai. Medical process is so slow here, still they are in British age. He was suffering severly, but he was given only a dormitory within hospital premises and asked to undergo various tests and was not admitted and put in ICU or even in ward. Reports were ready but no doctor examined it. It was expected to be examined on 23rd.

Unfortunately he developed severe pain on 23rd (today) early morning at 2am.He was shifted to hospital ward, within 1 hour he passed away. He is just a carpenter by profession and could not afford hi-fi private hospitals.  Even before the main doctors examined his reports, he had passed away.  I felt very sad the way in which these Government hospitals operate, there is no sense of urgency during emergency.

My father way back in 2002 had symptoms of stroke and he was taken to Nimhans by a relative since I was away in US. He could not get bed for nearly 2 days and he spent time on wheel chair without proper treatment. Then he was shifted to Manipal hospital where within hospital he had a major stroke and he passed away after 6 months being completely bed ridden. Doctors in Manipal said if initial anticlotting medicines could have been given in Nimhans, he would not have had such a major stroke.

This was 12 years back and I thought by various schemes the Government hospitals have improved. But it is not so. Today also there is no value for life over there.

Will it ever change, if so when it will be?

Something like RTE has to be adopted even for private hospitals and poor people should  be able to get treatment in private hospitals.

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