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Banashankari TTMC Creating more trouble than convenience

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Recently inaguarated TTMC is causing hassles to all the buses travelling from Western Portion of Bangalore towards East such as the 201, 201R, 500 K etc.. All the buses are now forced to enter and exit the Banashankari TTMC. The entrance and exit being narrower, as well as capacity being lower is resulting in pile up of Buses. Along with that, the signal cycles have been changed on Banashankari resulting in piling up of buses on the Marenahalli Road from Kadrenahalli Cross to Banashankari.  Crowd of people waiting for buses towards Silkboard and Majestic have moved inside the Bus Stop. But crowd of buses have started. Kadarenahalli Underpass resulted in a longer detour for buses. Adding to this is rerouting of buses into TTMC.

From Kattriguppe, on 201R or 500K we could cross Banashankari in 15 minutes has now taking 30+ minutes after rerouting buses via this TTMC. It took 45 minutes for me to cross this stop this Monday. It took 2hrs 30 minutes to reach Marathalli from Kattriguppe which otherwise used to be 1hr 45 minutes.

On a private vehicle we could cross the same  place within 10 minutes :). We are talking of BRT, BPS to improve the speeds of the bus whereas BMTC is reducing the speed of the buses by adding more overhead with rerouting through these improperly planned TTMCs.

Namma Metro under construction  passes right in front of the bus stop has a station further down Kanakapura Road near METRO SHOP and CARRY. If the two would have been integrated, it would have been so convenient for the people.

Although Government spends money, some of it is swallowed and the rest is not spent in proper way due to lack of proper planning and co-ordination between departments. Organizations like DULT should have co-ordinated between BMRCL and BMTC and should have helped BMTC to plan better terminal. It could have been MultiFloor Bus Terminal. Volvos could have been made to stop in 1st floor by building a ramp since it can climb steep uphils pretty easily.On top of that we could have had the Metro.


Banashankari TTMC


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Solving this Mess..

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BMTC should only run those buses from this TTMC which are starting or ending at Banashankari such as 500C, 501A, 600,500 etc. Other buses like 500K ,201, 201R should run as usual. 

So many buses are routed via Banashankari, whereas some of the neighbouring areas  such as Jayanagar do not have so many connections. Say for instance 500K takes the same route as 500C. 500C ends in Banashankari whereas 500K continues further to Vijaynagar. ITPL is connected so frequently from Banashankari.

Neighbouring Jayanagar TTMC has no connection to ITPL at all. If they could reroute some of the 500Ks via Jayanagar, it could offload Bus Traffic from Banashankari and also could give connections to ITPL for Jayanagar residents.

Neat skywalk connecting Banashankari Metro Station with Banashankari TTMC.

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Think the thought is not to

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Think the thought is not to have any people board or deboard the busses from the street..hence they mandate that the busses enter into the station..

Do the busses heading onto Kanakapura road also come into the TTMC? or they stop on the street? If they come in..then it looks like a redundant loop..

Things are complicated with the metro work also happenin there..hopefully it should get better down the line..

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Same story with Yeshvantpur TTMC

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Their is hardly any usage of TTMC at Yeshvantpur  except the BMTC buses coming from Pennya enter and  few of the buses starting from  TTMC. 

Vechile Parking  at TTMC is of no  use as  the surounding are has good  public parking and  its lengthy  to  reach the yesvantpur  TTMC  for vechile park.

With METRo coming up just 500 mts from this TTMC,  citizens can not make use of it & with Yesvantpur station adjacent, its not helping in any way and citizens struggle in either of the way with these TTMC's.

Their  should  be ramp for public to come from Yesvantpur station to TTMC, then this will be good purpose. 

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right to indulge in racketeering

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The Home & Transport minister, and his boss - the ex-CM (inspite of undergoing a jail term), are two people who seem to believe in their right to indulge in racketeering, Anna/ IAC movement or whatever. Nothing seems to have changed from the times of the reports here.

Muralidhar Rao
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Mysore TTMC is even more waste..

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Mysore is also building so many TTMCs in some outskirts of the city such as the Sathagalli TTMC and Kuvempunagar TTMC. While the city is starving without good Bus network being a pure hub-spoke model one having to make two hops even for neighbouring area, JNNURM funds are wasted for TTMCs as I posted here .

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Domlur TTMC

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Only buses of Route 201 are operated from here and there are occasional very few trips of 201MD and 132 routes.

Obviously the huge amount of JNNURM funds are going waste.

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