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Top traffic offenders - inititiative from Hyderabad police

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 Google spreadsheet of top traffic offenders - maybe bangalore could copy :-)

and info about fines not being paid

It has been noticed that a large number of e-Challans which are being issued for various traffic violations are not being paid.  The total e-Challans issued and total challans paid are given below:-


Total e-Challans

Pending e-Challans

i.e. not paid





(Upto Nov)




It is revealed that 55% of e-Challan issued in 2009 and 75% of e-Challans issued in 2010 have not been paid by the violators.



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This method has been tested

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This method has been tested in the UAE, and general observation is that those who tend to violate regularly, do not bother even if the names get published. Wish Hyderabad Police good luck in this campaign. An attempt is always better than no attempt.

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E challans not being paid

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Traffic police needs a more effective mechanism to get people to pay-up the E-Challans.  Now that in the metros all records have been computerised, it should not be too difficult for transport departement to ask all vehicle owners to register their   email IDs, PAN number and Aadhar ( as it is issued ) and also their bank account details.

Money can be directly taken from the bank account if the same is not paid within a certain defined time limit of sending the challan on the last registered address and the email.

It must be mandatory for people to register their new address with the RTO, within say one month of shifting.  ( Should not be too difficult to do this online in today's world when you can apply for passport online)


Some of these ideas may sound dacronian  but our vehicle population is increasing rapidly and unless citizens are made to follow certain norms, situation will be ungoverable.


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