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Meeting BBMP - updated.

Based on some discussions we have been having here on the subject of planned development, its time to organize a Praja-style meeting with BBMP.

Urgent - have your say on the magic boxes!

First few  thru the Magic Box

Here is a request from a long time Praja member (see email pasted below). Apparently, the ongoing efforts (to slow down the magic boxes) in the High Court might be driven by those who may prefer flyovers over magic boxes. We don't want to get in these battles as there is no way to prove things one way or another. But, if you believe that Bengaluru should first do due diligence with magic boxes before considering flyovers as solution at any intersection, please pitch in by sending a postal letter to BBMP as soon as you can.

Meeting with Mr Sood - minutes

The Praja tradition should be - no single consolidated minutes of the meeting. All those who attend must log their individual reports about Praja meetings.

Large PPPs like BIAL - ripe for corruption?

[A Request - This is a carryover from talk of corruption and transparency that emerged in this HAL-BIAL thread. Please don't drag the peripherals like big people wanting airport in their backyard etc into this. Add your wisdom and tips that are relevant here.]

We really want to understand this. What are the transparency and disclosure norms for PPP (Public Private Partnership) Projects? Looks like they don't come under the purview of RTI Act, at least the matter is not settled yet (We believe BIAL has filed an appeal against a court verdict that put it under RTI). Does lack of transparency set PPP projects up for corruption?

Minutes of the July 19 meeting

We talked a lot, you can imagine the kind of conversations if people with ideas and opinions on just about anything Bangalore converge in one room.


Privacy policy at

Dear Members,

Praja update - Internship program, Infopedia section!

Time for an update about We have a lot of content now, and have been building a nice group of caring citizens here. To take things forward, there are two broad categories of work for us. 1) Enhance the website with more networking and information sharing tools. 2) Put in place a scalable model for converting member enthusiasm into action on the ground. We have two updates, important next steps for Praja.

Note - Site structure changes

We are planning a re-structure of the website so that we can expand the site to reach the citizens of various other cities and citizen groups in these cities. Below is the summary of changes in brief.

[Announcement] Working Groups - our first one

Public Transport

Okay then. Time now to test ourselves, and the theory, that with a bigger pool (1000+ now) of members, we will have correspondingly bigger numbers for on-ground activities. Let us start our first "working group" (or WG) on Praja. Taking the window of opportunity offered by Mr Tripathy, and well aware that the subject is most popular thus far, the first WG will be on Public Transport. Before forming this group, let us figure out this generic concept of WG:

Meeting with Mr Tripathy (BMTC)

Public Transport

A few of us are meeting Mr Upendra Tripathy (BMTC) this Thursday. Unfortunately, we couldn't get to organize this as a broader and open-to-all-who-are-interested type of meeting. But, we will:

  • Talk to him and explore ways of connecting our upcoming "working group" here with BMTC
  • Try to show him as much of the good suggestions that have come up here so far

Do read: An FAQ about

[Please Note: Contents of this post have been moved to a page under "About" section of the website. The FAQ will be maintained there]

BIAL Trip - reports, photos and impressions


Thanks Shane et al from BIAL for the nice arrangements. We gathered at Minsk Square by 9, left for BIA at 9:35 am, reached in about 50 minutes. We were shown around till about 12:30, and were dropped back at Minsk by 1:30 pm. Unfortunately, they couldn't arrange a Vajra/Volvo for us. But all in all, the visit itself, and putting faces to many online identities was good fun! Praja visitors will be using this post to record their photos and impressions.

Congrats Naveen and thanks Deccan Herald


Thanks Deccan Herald for taking note of Praja. They are carrying Capt Naveen's suggestion about Koramangala 100 ft road today in full, and have mentioned Praja as a site launched by "a few IT professionals with concerns about IT capital of the country". Congrats Capt Naveen, you got almost half of page 3 on Sunday DH!

Questions for BIAL - your turn!


[Update: Date for BIAL trip moved to Sunday, Apr 6th. Unfortunately, only 20 can go. We will give preference to long time members and those who write/comment a lot on BIAL here].

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