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Lokayukta's reply to our first RTI

Some of us here wanted to know more about the Lokayukta office than what the newspapers tell us. Once the excitement of raids and big names get over, we rarely get to know the closure of those cases. So why not ask Lokayukta on a regular basis? Here is what we asked via an RTI application to start with:

Help - Lets track JNNURM in Karnataka

Want to get deeper into Praja and beyond discussions? Here is your chance. We are looking for some people to join hands in tracking JNNURM reforms and projects at Karnataka. If you didn't know, JNNURM is a reforms-linked investment scheme to help states on urban infrastructure. States get a big fund to tap into, but with a catch - they must commit to implementing some urban governance reforms.

BBMP's negligence - example from Saraswathi Nagar

Praja is not an official complaints authority, but from time to time, we get complaint emails meant for BBMP, BMTC or Traffic Police. It indicates that many citizens don't know where exactly to complain. Regardless, here is a recent email that highlights how even small public work carried out in the city is often not done to perfection. Lack of clean up post-work is so very common.

Notes from Open Meeting Dec 13

Placeholder post for notes from Saturday's meeting. All those who attended are encouraged to write some.

Meeting with Lokayukta Justice Hegde

Justice Hegde 1Some of us went and met Lokayukta Justice Hegde today. A long, and very interesting meeting, I am not sure how much of what we heard we will manage to post here. Its one thing to hear stories of corruption (loose talk like X eats money, Y drinks duddu) at parties, and simply another to hear those from people (we heard from Up-Lokayukta and their PR Officer Mr Riaz as well) who deal with such cases and people on daily basis.

New tracking page for ABIDE and Karnataka 2020

Talking of Abide and Karnataka 2020 task forces, some like the concepts (eminent personalities helping with their ideas), some hate it (unconstitutional, without accountability). Regardless, the two task forces are here to stay, and look to be set for some serious business.

Meeting with Mr Rajeev Chandrashekhar, Convener ABIDe

We had requested for a Praja meeting with Mr Rajeev Chandrashekhar, Rajya Sabha MP, and convener of ABIDe. He was kind enough to respond and indicate his willingness to meet. The date isn't set yet, we'd try get his time this weekend or next. Worst case, we have suggested weekday late evening time slot.

Meeting with BMRC (Metro)

Metro Rail

[Updated, Oct 7: We have requested for Oct 18/19, or the weekend after that as some interested members are unavailable on Oct 11. Mr Sivasailam will get back after Oct 12, will post new dates once we get them]

Meeting Notes - Mr Sood, Sep 20

Placeholder for notes from this meeting. Started almost 2 hours late as Mr Sood had to rush off to another meeting. We were asked to wait till 1 if possible. We spent this time chatting up with each other, and even managed a lunch at Shivajinagar bus stand canteen. Right when we planned to call it a day, Mr Sood returned. psaram, idontspam, Deepika, Srivathsa, silkboard, Ravi and Devesh (only for the intro) were present. Look fwd to meeting notes from all.

TransInnova/BMLTA Transportation Summit - Notes

Public Transport

[Update Sep 17: find all material presented at the summit on BMLTA website - click here]

Placeholder post for notes from those who attended the summit, and to upload/post material presentations etc obtained from the summit.

Next meeting with Mr Sood, Sep 20, 12 noon (updated)


[Update Sep 18, slight change in time] Mr Praveen Sood, ACP Traffic, has confirmed Sep 20, 12 noon as the date for next meeting with Praja members. Please send in your confirmation for attendance on this event entry "2nd meeting with ...". Let us use this post to discuss what we will do in this meeting.

Some guidelines, if we may:

Bangalore Transportation Summit - Praja participation

Public Transport

If you have not already heard about the Bangalore Transportation Summit being organised by BMLTA and Transinnova, please refer to the announcement on BMLTA's site. The program for the event is available here.

Meeting with BMLTA 12:30 PM, Sat 6th Sep

Public Transport

[Update: the meeting has been confirmed at 12:30 PM on Saturday 6th September at # 502, 5th Floor, Gate 4, MS Building, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Bangalore- admin]

Wanted to bring it to notice of all Bangalore members that Ravi_D is working to organize a meeting with BMLTA. He will try get a weekend date. Leave a comment here if you will like to join in. Rithesh and couple others already said so. We are sure more members will be interested.

Praja Q&A with Mr Brunner - postponed

BIAL had called in today to say that as part of their "100 days" campaign, they want to organize a Q&A session with Praja. We are looking at a 30-45 minute long 1-on-1 meeting with Mr Albert Brunner, the BIAL CEO. They will take 2 to 5 members. The meeting should happen sometime in September (orig date was 30th Aug, now postponed). Interested?

BBMP's Koramangala flyover - wanna track it to death?

BBMP website's RTI section has the RFP uploaded for grade separator being planned at the junction of 100 ft Inner Ring Road in Koramangala (click here). How about an experiment to give chance for members, even the remote/online-only ones, to go beyond posts and comments? Its simple - help us track this project to death, meaning, ask BBMP for details at every milestone.

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