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Please do not extend Bangalore's trains to Mysore

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A humble request to the railways from me would be to refrain from extending trains of Bangalore to Mysore as the needs of the capital are manifold greater than the heritage city. If need be, new trains can be introduced from Mysore to different places, but let the trains of Bangalore be left alone. The reason I say so is because these trains from North India when extended to Mysore, mostly carry the floating population between the 2 cities, while their actual purpose is still served only in Bangalore. I do not mean to say that there is no one in Mysore who is'nt commuting to the North or that trains to different cities from Mysore must not be introduced. The sole purpose behind the extension, at present, is the lack of maintenance facilities in Bangalore for any more trains and this issue, I suppose is being resolved now with the state government having consented to acquire a portion of the Binny Mill land and hand over the same to the railways. Hopefully the additional land that would be utulized by the railways to build a new terminus for the suburban trains besides housing the coaching and maintenance yards for long distance trains.  Moreover, Mysore station, as far as I know is much smaller than the Bangalore city station and railways do not seem to have any immediate plans for expanding it either. Hence too many long distance trains from the city plying via Bangalore may not be a good idea. However, proper rail infrastructure needs to be put in place between the 2 cities exclusively to cater to the floating population.

To begin with hourly trains must be introduced between Bangalore and Mysore and the frequency can be increased to 30 minutes and 15 minutes at the most, depending on the demand. The number of buses between Bangalore and Mysore must be reduced to avoid the effects of redundancy in transport. KSRTC and railways must work hand-in-hand and share the profits and not work independently as they are doing now. Tumkur - Chitradurga - Davangere railway line must be completed at the earliest so that trains on the Bangalore - Belgaum route would take the new line allowing the Arasikere route completely for trains from Mysore. The existing trains from Mysore to Delhi and Mumbai must be made daily trains so that they are fully utilized ; people of North Karnataka would get additional trains to Delhi and Mumbai if this move is made.

If only Mysore is linked to Kerala, then the trains from Bangalore to Trivandrum, Ernakulam or even Kanyakumari would all be diverted along Mysore. In that case, even the double line would prove to be insufficient given the frequency of the Bangalore suburban trains or EMU type trains between Bangalore and Mysore besides the existing long distance ones. Hence the day on which Mysore - Kerala rail link gets a nod, the railways must think of laying a third or third and fourth railway lines between Bangalore and Mysore.



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Hourly EMUs from Jnanbharthi

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Hourly EMUs from Jnanbharthi shall double up as a suburban service instead of the ill planned Kengeri to Mandya suburban service.

KGI has a lot of limitations for expansion.

Similarly, BYPL-WFD should be extended all the way up to Bangarpet if the so called modified suburban service has to become a success. comment guidelines

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