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Bangalore Metro Phase II

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Consultant appointed for Metro Phase II Anil Kumar Sastry, The Hindu Electronics City-Yelahanka, Indiranagar-Whitefield link to be important routes under second phase BMRCL confident of completing the work under first phase by 2011

The State Government recently appointed Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (DMRCL) as the consultant for Phase II. The DMRCL is expected to submit the detailed project report in eight months, sources in the Urban Development Department told The Hindu. Even as the route alignment will have to be decided by the consultant after going through various issues, the major route on Phase II will be between Peripheral Ring Road (Electronics City) and Yelahanka with a changeover at Namma Metro’s M.G. Road Station.

The consultant will follow the Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Plan (CTTP) for Bangalore prepared by RITES, a Government of India enterprise. The CTTP had recommended construction of two corridors – one between PRR and Yelahanka and the other between Indiranagar Metro Station and Whitefield Railway Station under Metro Phase II. Under Phase II, an exclusive corridor should be built connecting PRR and Yelahanka (36 km), the plan had said. The existing singular north-south corridor will cater to the western parts of the city between Peenya and Kanakapura Road. As such, the developments coming up on the eastern side between Hosur Road and Whitefield and northern side near Thanisandra and Yelahanka need another north-south corridor, CTTP said.

The proposed corridor will cover Nagavara, Veerannapalya, Fraser Town and residential, commercial and IT industrial areas along Hosur Road. This corridor will have interchange with the airport metro to provide direct access from south and south-east Bangalore to the airport. RITES said the industrial areas, IT hubs and commercial development around Whitefield and C.V. Raman Nagar have choked the Airport Road and Whitefield Road. As such, a 19.5-km metro link between Indiranagar Metro Station and Whitefield should be built, the CTTP said. The link will have an interface with the Mysore Road-Byappanahalli corridor of Phase I. Extension

The CTTP, among other things, had also recommended extension of the north-south Corridor of Phase I up to Peripheral Ring Road from the R.V. Road Terminal (10.2 km) and the east-west corridor up to Benniganahalli from Byappanahalli (1.5 km). These two extensions, RITES said, could be taken up under Phase I itself. To substantiate the suggestion for extension, RITES said the area to the south of Jayanagar – J.P. Nagar, Banashankari and Kumaraswamy Layout are fully developed and densely populated. With Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Area Planning Authority planning to develop residential and commercial activities along the Bangalore-Mysore Expressway, the north-south commuter traffic is expected to increase substantially. Therefore, the ongoing north-south corridor under Metro Phase I should be extended to PRR via Kanakapura Road.

In all, over 140-km metro network, including the high-speed rail link between Mahatma Gandhi Road and Bangalore International Airport (33 km) and Namma Metro’s 42-km network under Phase I, is required to effectively serve the major traffic corridors of the city, RITES had said.


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Phase II Background

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Full CTTP report is here: Bangalore CTTP CTTP Section on Metro: Metro Network System Captain Naveen has written extensively about the CTTP. Here is a leader article that reviews the CTTP specifically about the metro phase II extensions: CTTP-Still Some Weaknesses post CTTP Map of Metro Network:
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so much of BRT?

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So much of BRT within the inner city? That will mean thosands of trees on the chopper block. At the recent international PPP seminar held at IIMB, Prof Vishnuprasad Nagadevara (of IIMB) had clearly stated that BRT was not feasible in the inner city.

The BRT may be feasible on the outer ring road if a few more lanes are carved out by narrowing down the medians and the service lanes. But, how you will manage a K R Puram junction is a billion rupee question.

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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Metro Phase & Mono

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Nod for extending Metro Rail Phase-II Deccan Herald The Second phase of Metro Rail will be extended by an additional 64 kms in line with the Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Study Report prepared by RITES, said Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa. Chairing a `Discussion on infrastructure development in Bangalore’ on Monday, Yeddyurappa said that following the acceptance of its report, the extended corridors will run as follows: A 36-km stretch from Electronic City to Yelahanka, via CSB Junction, Hosur Road, M G Road, Cantonment, Tannery Road; a 19.5-km stretch from Whitefield to 100 ft Road of Indiranagar via Airport Road, a 7-km stretch which extends the North South Corridor of Phase-I on South side from Jarganahalli to Peripheral Ring Road and a nearly 1.5-km stretch from Baiyappanahalli to Benniganahalli along Old Madras Road will be the new dimensions of the corridors. On the Mono Rail project, the CM said that Asian Infrastructure Consortium had submitted a suo moto proposal on its implementation under the Swiss Challenge Method. “The government has asked the forum to submit a Detailed Project Report by October 8 this year,” he informed. The mono rail corridors are as follows: Corridor I: Hebbal to J P Nagar, Corridor II: Peripheral Ring Road to Toll Gate along Magadi Road, Corridor III: Kathriguppe junction to National College and Corridor IV: Hosur Road to Bannerghatta Road junction.
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Include general public representatives in discussions

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What TS has not posted here is another bit of news that this time around Ms. Kiran M.Shaw, Mr. Kris Gopalakrishnan, Mr Ramesh Ramanathan and a few others were included in the latest high-level meeting, this is certainly a step forward compared to closed-door govt. meetings, but what I an wondering is when will the time come when the govt. will include general public representatives and civic groups in discussing such projects. Because most of these participants(except maybe, Mr. Ramanathan) have a corporate agenda.

On one hand the govt. wants to hammer out a solution , but doesn't let end-users have a say. Lets say for example if civic groups were given a representation, we at Praja could contribute too. ofcourse, one problem could be disruptive and affected groups spoiling the meeting, but that can be easily sorted out.

Any plans at Praja to meet Mr Sivasailam of BMRCL soon ?

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metro to yel?

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why are we planning for over connectivity all the time?

Airport Express, Metro and Elevated Expressway..what are we trying to do here?

We already made a mistake with the BETL..when all that the access to EC needed was a train, which is planned now.

The EC-Yel metro sounds like a illogical project concieved based on statements like 'it takes longer to reack airport for a flight to chennai, than starting to chennai on road the opposite way'

Or probably this is what Mohandas Pai/Devi Shetty/Ms Shaw want..since they sit on the podium with BSY all the time..Narayana Murthy/KMS screwed up hosur road with BETL and now we again have a doctor/biologist and IT person trying to decide on projects instead of transport specialists!

All we need is METRO to BIA starting from Electronic City  via CSB Junction-Hosur Road-M G Road-Cantonment-Tannery Road-Hebbal-Sahakar Nagar-Yel-BIA and scrapping the airport express!

We can have it PPP!

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Metro Phase-II

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appaNNa, just posted crux of the matter, instead of posting verbatim. But the major decision that has been taken is to stick to the CTTP(the plan). There are no new routing decisions in variance to the plan. In that sense I donot see how any one else influenced the CM other than telling him to stick to the plan. Which I think is wise because the plan itself is a minimal essential configuration of metro for bangalore. That is, any new plan for metro bangalore would atleast have this configuration. Naveen, BlrSri etc have shown some limitations to the plan, so that would be phase-III. :) And that is where meeting Sivasailam would come in. Also, need to understand what BMRCL thinks about BARL and itegration. When it is very likely that the next koramangala is going to be in and around devanahalli. Also need to track funding for phase II. I think Hyderabad is thinking of doing what we did with BMIC. That is a bold plan for Hyderabad. Doing it on city outskirts is one thing, doing it within city is yet another. I know they give TDR and all, but still, land acquisition is going to be a long shot. All in all, If people can gift metros to entire cities RE is very very very big business in India anta aaytu. Moreover, i dont like that so much of city is handed out to private developer. Not a good sign. Building a Shanghai is not half as important as building an inclusive city. Who gets in and who does not cannot be outsourced.
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Why Jaraganahalli and why not EC

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I was just thinking why second phase is getting extended towards Jaraganahalli and why not towards EC instead of a second line from Yelahanka. Also, it is duplication in the form of Airport Express train and Metro to Yelahanka which can be combined to one.

If some rich country does that kind of connectivity, we cannot afford the same.

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E-City to Silk Board - metro route conflicts with Expressway

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For the Electronic City to Silk Board stretch, the median of the road is already occupied by the expressway (BETL). So where will the metro tracks go ? Is there an alternative road that is being planned to be used for this stretch.

Wishful thinking - we just scrap the expressway and use the pillars that BETL has put up for the metro :)

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Mono from National College Circle to Vidhana Soudha / Cricket St

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Kattriguppe - National College Circle should be extended to Vidhana Soudha / Cricket Stadium. JC Road, one of the major roads of Bangalore is not getting any MRT. This would help lots of people travelling from south to offices near Vidhanasoudha, MS building.
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mono as feeder

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Guess the idea was to make the mono a feeder to metro, hence it stops at National college where ppl can hop onto the metro to continue the journey through market into the city..folks wanting to travel towards vidhanasoudha have to change trains at majestic..takes a little longer(10 more min?), but still viable!

But the Mono from Kattariguppa should actually touch all densely populated places around, like the 50ft road and bank colony stops  and maybe even srinagar..there are many busses from srinagar to majestic and shivajinagar..these can be stopped!

making it just cater to kattariguppa..would be again one of those many stupid implementations that will go down history as bad examples! 


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Metro Ph-1 Extensions

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Just noted that BMRC website carries amended map/s under 'Gallery', showing extensions at both ends of the north-south corridor as follows :

1) Yeshwantpur to Hessarghatta-Cross along Tumkur road (as had been expected & had also been announced previously on their web page).

2) RV Rd terminal to Puttenahalli along 100-ft road with intermediate stations at Banashankari & at JP Nagar (at intersection of ring road & Kanakapura rd) - this is also along expected lines.

What is unclear is that the alignment, after crossing ringroad, appears to deviate from Kanakapura road & proceed along Chunchgatta main road to terminate at a station for Puttenahalli, well off Kanakapura road.


This raises some questions :

1) The extension upto PRR in phase-2 may be ruled out, given that the alignment cannot be routed back on to Kanakapura road (Chunchgatta road diverges away from Kanakapura road & appears a dead end).

2) PRR alignment intersects /passes Kanakapura road at Kaggalipura - very far off from the location chosen for Puttenahalli station.

3) BMIC road will intersect /pass Kanakapura road between Talghatpur & Tatguni, also quite distant from Puttenahalli station /terminus (not walkable).

4) BMRDA's STRR & IRR (Satellite Town & Intermediate Ring roads) are also planned further away cutting Kanakapura road at Harohalli & at Kanakapura respectively.


A depot may likely be planned here - & it is probable that government land/s might be available at the chosen spot. One cannot think of any other reason for this (mis)alignment. Integration with the proposed thoroughfares may not be possible with this.

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metro to EC from RV road?

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Discussions are again out on the PH II of metro..and part of this is the PH I extensions on all sides..

IIMB - Nagavara

RV road - BOmmasandra Indl area(Electronic City)

more here

Once again I dont understand the logic of starting a line from RV road..isnt it a better option to let it start from the end of Nanda road(Rajlakshmi Choultry) and run it along marenahalli road?

I would say, continue on marenahalli/ORR and connect all firms on the HSR/Sarjapur side.and not turn to EC..

..we already have BETL on hosur road and a good BRT below should take care of the PT!

Anyways atleast hope this time that BMRCL discusses these routes with all and prioritizes as per need and real traffic data!

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No Metro for Sarjapur rd ?

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Sri - the referenced article is old. Anyway, nothing has changed since then & DPRs are being readied for the same new routes & extensions.

The RV rd - Bommasandra line will commence near Rajalakshmi choultry & will be aligned on Marenahalli road. The term RV rd is used here with reference to the erstwhile "RV rd terminal" (near Rajalakshmi choultry). However, as we now know, the N-S line is being extended to Jarganahalli, & will be further extended upto Anjanapura in phase-2.

I agree with you - Some of the phase-2 routes are not in tune with what needs to be done. It might be better to plan routes based on following considerations :

1) Sarjapur road - now seeing a lot of development - has been left out completely. The Nagavara-IIMB line can be changed to Nagavara-Adugodi-Forum mall-Silkboard-Agara lake-Iblur & onwards along Sarjapur rd with further extensions as required. This line would then interface with the RV-EC line at Silkboard instead of Jayadeva.

2) The CTTP recommended Monorail (or Light rail) along Bannerghatta rd upto Adugodi would be far more sensible than the Metro route. This would also provide interfaces with Metro at Jayadeva (RV-EC line) & at Adugodi (Nagavara-Sarjapur rd line).

3) Another new line is badly needed to take care of developments around Marathalli & Kundalahalli /Whitefield areas since these will be left unconnected with the proposed extension of the line from Byappanahalli to ITPL via ITI /Hudi along Devasandra main road.

4) Further developments along OMR towards Hoskote will need to be connected.

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  Now wait till 2013 to ride

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Now wait till 2013 to ride the Metro

And when the airport got completed on time we nitpicked on the size of the building instead of appreciating how a complex thing like an airport was built on time. For the metro ultimately it is not the cost which will hurt but the fact that it has become costly because of innefficiency

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If Metro phase II

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If Metro phase II construction starts now, by the time phase I underground work is over half of phase II also will be over.There will also be no need to worry about ridership in phase I. :)

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Need latest Metro Phase II Map

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Can post latest Metro Phase II map with high resolution? I am interested in seeing the route map from MG Road to ITPL.



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route was discussed some time ago here

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Director Finance for Bangalore METRO

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Last 8 months no Direcotr Finance at BMRCL

Bangalore METRO Director ( Finance ) opening since Dec'2015. Its surprising that experienced Finance people did not come forward to take up Bangalore METRO Finance assignment comment guidelines

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