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Problem - accidents on Kadugodi Railway bridge

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About the new Kadugodi railway bridge near Whitefield station, some problems already!

  • Very narrow. So they have not put divider. so people overtake lorries. so accidents!
  • Driving on wrong side. from hope farm side, people cross bridge, want to go right, so the go on wrong side to avoid the divider. Accident!
  • Jam at hope farm signal already. New flyover, so more traffic. signal at hope farm. so traffic jam now.
  • Any BMTC bus go on the new bridge? Where will you get down for going to kadugodi bus stand?


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putting hard median on the flyover?

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Heard about the accidents on the new flyover. A divider is badly needed, even though it will mean cars will have to follow behind those slow trucks. 1 minute extra at max. I think traffic police may be worried about truck break downs, thats why they didn't put up dividers to begin with.

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sorry state ..

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But isnt this a state highway..SH35.. arent there standards for bridges on highways?

So didnt it deserve atleast a 4 lane bridge? This one is more like the Indian Oil flyover on the way to Banaswadi..too small for anything..

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