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Manivannan transferred, by minister Suresh Kumar?

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Good news - Harsh is replacing him, papers are all saying he did good work at Bidar. But question question saar - why is change happening?

Start of Mysore says:

District in-charge Minister Suresh Kumar had complained to the Chief Minister on large scale corruption in the execution of developmental works in the district, besides awarding contracts to outsiders, according to top sources.  ... The Minister, in his complaint had alleged corruption in the execution of projects and the DC's arrogance in questioning his decisions, it is learnt ... Apart from allegations of corruption against Manivannan, Suresh Kumar was upset over Manivannan's handling of controversy between MRC and JWGC and also Uppara hostel row

What corruption, and what allegations? Prove maadappa. If corruption took place, why only transfer, phillum taraha .. call Cheif Minister and get a transfer!?

Also, enondu prashna bere. Exactly, what is this "district in-charge" minister title? Minister is for some state subject, not some geography. alva?

Welcome Harsh and bye bye Manivannan.


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really, what is "district in-charge?

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What is a "district in-charge" minister? Are such ministerial posts unconstitutional? We have two in Bangalore as well - Katta (North Bangalore "in-charge", and also Water) and Ashok (South Bangalore "in-charge", as well as Transport). So who takes decision on transportation issues in North Bangalore, and Water issues in South Bangalore ? Katta, Ashok, other MLAs of the area Corporator of the area, or CM himself?

Their official answer will be that "we all do it together", but you know that type of answer and accountability doesn't go together. comment guidelines

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