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Shanthinagar - TTMC

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This morning I was passing by Shanthinagar & noticed the full fledge arrangements for the TTMC opening today & my bus was also not allowed to enter the bus stand. Noticed the TTMC work is far from completion but the inguration was scheduled today. I still dont understand the Shanthinagar bus stand currently is just in line with a Jayanagar or Kengeri TTMC. The only differnce is they have used the full space in around open area to make a parking yard for cars & buses. Instead they could have made more bus bays or even made the out station bus parking area little bigger. I feel the Shanthinagar TTMC is not a great idea.



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Bangalore's answer to Delhi CWG

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I feel the Shanthinagar TTMC is not a great idea.

None of them is. The TTMCs would perhaps rank as the biggest misuse of JNNURM funds in the state, while simultaneously causing the biggest uglyfication of the city-scape - check this

From the scam and work shoddiness angles, they could compete with the Delhi CWG.

Muralidhar Rao
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Use Shantinagar TTMC as Airport Rail Link Terminus

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One way that all the excessive (not to mention ugly) infrastructure could be put to some use is to use Shantinagar as the terminus for the Airport Rail link instead of Police Grounds (what is referred to the City Air Terminal or CAT in the Rail Link DPR).

This would save the expense of building a new set of facilities and preserve the open space and remaining trees of Police Grounds. There still could be an interchange with the Metro station at Minsq Square as planned, but all the car driving folks can drive upto and park in Shanti Nagar instead.

Another advantage is that it is marginally closer to South Bangalore and perhaps a little less congested then the MG Road area.






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it was opened now because..

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of more astrological reasons than anything..BSY's govt does this best than anything else..Krishna paksha is starting today and hence they wanted to do everything 'good' before that..

The cabinet reshuffle and this inaguration was all part of the 'miss paksha' plan..

About TTMC's, the monolithic structures are a real waste because they are being built without any plan on how people will be benefit from it!

The Jayanagar TTMC which is opened now for more than a year in a total mess..the parking there is totally unused!

Btw the Babri decision may come during paksha itself!! God save India then! :P comment guidelines

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