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BMTC New 35th & 36th Bus Depots

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I was browsing thru BMTC website & notices they have put Depot No. 35 & 36.  Would anyone know if these depots are operational. I have not heard about the ingauration in newspapers also.

If it is true that the new depots are operation then our Bangalore commuters can breathe in ease for a more comfortable travel. I guess Bangalore will be having the highest inter-city public transport service.



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What are the locations Sunil?

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No news lately on the new depots. What are the locations?

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Locations of 35 & 36th Depots

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BMTC website mentions they

35th located @ Kannalli & 36th located @ Bidadi.

THe news is there is also a depot coming at Hoskote & Varthur. Bangalore is growing in all corners.


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Both the depots have becoem

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Both the depots have becoem operational-people have found buses on 226 series from depot 36.

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Bangalore has grown so big

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Bangalore has grown so big that Bidadi being in one corner & me living in RT Nagar will never get to see those depot vehicles comes this part of the town. I dont know if they run buses to Shivajinagar from that depot. I dont know where is Kannalli also.

Would anyone know where Kannalliis ?

I heard BMTC plans for a depot @ Hoskote & Varthur Also.

I still remember when I used to study in my Engg. days Bangalore used to have only 14 to 15 Depots only.

Thanks to Bangalore Growth & JNNURN Project in the development also.

But roads are congusted ):


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