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Very unusual incident - Autorickshaw fare !

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Well to start it it was one of the days I was in a hurry and desperately looked out for an auto. To my luck the 1st auto i asked agreed to come over to shopper's stop on Bannerghatta road from J.P.Nagar Nandini hotel

The road was traffic free owing to holiday but in J.P.Nagar 2nd phase there was a road block owing to Vaikunta Ekadashi and police were standing on guard owing to which we had to take a detour into the inner roads-as against the normal fare of Rs.20/-22- the digital meter showed Rs.25/-(for the detour)

I got off and gave him 3 Rs.10/-notes. He returned one back-as I opened by wallet for change he said" Beda sir"! I looked up puzzled he said" Normal ippathe-extra beda"- i asked "Petrol karch aagidhe taane" for which he replied "Parvaagilla sir ippathu saaku" and before I said anything, he sped away. 

I stood there quite puzzled in which I even forgot to make a note of the number or the name- In Bangalore City where autos have never been given a good name I didnt expect to find such a person who didnt want more than normal fare even if there was a detour not being a fault of his. Well tough to survive in Bangalore!! 


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I too have had such experiences often.

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