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Trucks at Whitefield - a solution?

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Lot of happenings in Whitefield over the weekend where the local population protested against the the truck traffic which has been a cause of severe concern these days.

Members from Whitefield Rising (WR) staged a protest on Saturday, urging City police and State government to restrict movement of heavy trucks entering through Whitefield and Vartur area. more here

The major concerns was about the un-reliable trucks plying on the roads during peak hour. The truck operators also agreed that they would shift from there if they are provided suitable alternative.

So feel that instead of getting a partial ban on trucks, the govt and the local body should look at relocating CCI from there. I am sure the CCI folks and everyone else do agree that the road space is very narrow to accomodate truck traffic, especially when the location is in the midst of offices and residences/appartments.

Hence would think the govt should seriously think moving this facility to a place where there is good wide roads to take the big trucks. This would free up the roads in whitefield and also the CCI land could be put to better use by building maybe a phase II of ITPL and also have a good lung space in that locality.



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Time to move out the Goods yard from Whitefield as suggested

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RITES report in 2012 had suggested to move out the Concourse to  some other place and buld  htis terminal for good traffic away from city.

I hope WHitefield residents should read the report of RITES in detail comment guidelines

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