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Metro to ITPL

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Metro Rail

Sanjeev brought out a very valid point on how access to ITPL/whitefield is going to get affected in the next coming years because of the metro construction there.

It is beyond doubt that we need the metro going there and should have happened years ago as part of phase I itself..but it will be happening now..

However we need to plan on a war footing on the alternate traffic movement planning when the construction is on. The autorities from differrent agencies (BMRCL/ BTP/ BBMP/BDA/KPTCL) need to come together to plan the traffic routing.

Even Indian Railways can play a big role in this..but considering their high handedness I am not sure how this will work!

But most of responsibility will lie on BMRCL which has to:

  1. Use all the learnings from other reaches for faster implementation
  2. Pre-plan the approach and track it very closely to completion
  3. Co-ordinate with all the other departments (BTP/BBMP/BDA/KPTCL)

Its not an impossible task but planning and implementaion at a detailed level can really get this happening fast!


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Its very much needed for Whitefield

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Sorry to say that Residents of Whitefield / Mahadevapura including their Ward Corporator or MLA or Area MP does not think beyound  attending some public functions.

Worst is the companies located their,  they think,  solutions will come like plug and play type due to  their conditioning in working.

1. Best thing isto get the Suburban Rail / Commuter  to Whitefield  from Kengeri, Yesvantur, Yelahanka with 2/3 services in the morning and same way in the evening.

2. SWR to improve Hoody Halt station with elevated Platform and FOB with proper access.

3. BMTC to do the shuttel services from the Whitefiled station to ITPL,  SAP Labs,  Hospital like Sathya Sai Baba and Vaidehi Hospital and towards Kolar.

4. BMTC to reduce the bus fares arround these Whitefield area, even it eats their profit portion.

5. Request all IT companies their employees to avoid bringing Cars to this area of Whitefield

6. Bangalore Traffic Police to identify the public parking places in vacant sites arround Whitefield roads to avoid parking on the streets.

7. BMRC to plan construction of METRO Ph-2 from Baiyyappanahalli side with full force  and keep target of opening every station in every 6 months instead of opening in one go which was done by Delhi METRO in all places.

8. Provide some temporary stoages for few Intercity trains at Whitefield stations, this may bring SWR capacity but needed.

9. Complet all Rail level crossings around KR Puram - Whitefield on priority where BBMP need to depoist their portion and land without further delay.

10.  BBMP, BDA  & SWR Railways should not take up any new flyover or  underpasses arround Whitefield  once METRO work starts.


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Metro's Phase Two extensions

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Metro's Phase Two extensions on Mysore Road and Tumkur Road is not going to be much of a problem.


I forsee a big challenge as far as ITPL, SilkBoard and Whiteield are concerned. People who feel there is no need for CRS seriously lack common sense.

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Metro Ph-2 Issues

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Suburban rail is a must for all metropolises & Bangalore is already a megapolis with nearly 1 cr population now & still has no suburban rail system. The govt agencies BMRC & BBMP are simultaneously planning metro construction that will restrict access via KRPuram & build flyovers along old airport road restricting access via Marathalli - what a joke!

Lets see what they finally do. BMRC has stated that road widening will be done first & then median barricades put up for construction, but one wonders if land acquisition has been completed for demolitions & road widening.

The RV rd - Silkboard stretch is to have a metro-cum-elevated road viaduct & this is actually going to be worse than whitefield. I think they should first complete the SB-Bommasandra metro stretch, start running trains on them & then do the RV rd - Silkboard stretch, running feeder buses between RV road & SB via Banashankari - JP Nagar ring road & Madiwala kere road. Though this may delay completion of ph-2, it will prevent lot of public inconveneience.

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A road towards ITPL between

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A road towards ITPL between Marthahalli and A Narayanpura is from ORR is absolutely necessary. Because of lack of such a road with widening of Marthahalli Varathur road and also construction of the Metro there will be no road to divert traffic. There is so much empty land there with famhouses etc and govt is not able to acquire land for an important project. MInimum of land acquisition is necessary, or projects will be very much below utility like the Sevanagar flyover near Kammnahalli where no land was acuired.

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Criticism o first phase

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  1. The pillars are too high which increases the cost. especially evident at CMH road, near Yelahanka railway station, Peenya Industrial, Mysore road etc. Multilevel station design also is responsible for this. The location of station on a slope is another reaso,n without leveling of land.
  2. Need to avoid crossing over of two flyovers over each other as seen in Mysore road, it is quite possible to go round and avoid increase in height of pillars. If this is made by a single agency, donot touch like approach cn be overcome.
  3. The metro rake is not flexible it is not possible to have 6 coaches in peak hours and 3 coaches in nonpeak hours. It is not possible to reduce the frequency because passengers will have to wait too long. Dont know if it is possible to avoid this. When the whole network is done, it may not be problem.
  4. The construction of undergound is too slow.The underground can also be done few meters underground rather tan very deep with TBM. Could be done if there are alternative roads, but basically there are not enough parallel roads in the city.
  5. Avoid getting TBM stuck!
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BMRCL closed down the road

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BMRCL closed down the road between NGEF ground and CDAC and replaced it with a narrow road without considering traffic needs. This mostly affects private vehicles, but it inconveniences everybody, and this cannot be considred as priority for public transport.  Now  entrance to Bypenahalli road is blocked from 8 AM TO 10 AM. comment guidelines

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