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Light Rail at grade..too bold?

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As we have seen there seems to be some activity around building light rail as a feeder to metro(Bannerghatta rd - Hebbal). For some historic reasons The Bangalore Airport Rail Link (BARL) Ltd is actually working on the DPR for it.

Some soil testing was also done for completing the DPR. All indications are that the route will be all elevated LRT!

However there is a very basic question when we are talking of Why are we talking of again going elevated for LRT? As seen there are very few elevated LRT systems round the world..some obvious reasons are:

  • The cost advantages of LRT compared to Monorail gets wiped out as we talk of going elevated
  • Elevated LRT adds to the 'ugliness' of our city
  • Gives a feeling of being 'out of reach'

So what is needed for going at grade with LRT?

  • Relatively wider roads to spare a lane 
  • Street sections without intersections are most advantageous for going at grade
  • But most important is the will from the authorities and public to accept and allow LRT to share the street


Above images are self explanatory..which one would you like for your city?

Also, I would go as far as to suggest to dump the crude BRT(SB-Hebbal) and go LRT for a cleaner smoke free PT option


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At Grade LRT - Not for India

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Srinidhi, I don't think at grade LRT would ever work out for India. 

We need these mass transport projects with Right of the Way. So at grade with mixed traffic is ruled out.

Even with dedicated lanes, maintenance of the tracks and providing the traction power in India at grade would be more difficult than elevated one where the viaduct is owned by the Rail company  such as BMRCL . Also, at grade LRT would have to wait for signals just like normal traffic providing no extra benefit for the investment.  Just Imagine LRT passing on OMR-ORR junctionat KR Puram .

For the stretch between Silkboard - Hebbal, people are now happy with series of flyovers. But over a period of time, increase in volume might affect this and we might be back to square one. BRTS with cleaner fuel technology such as fuel cells / CNG would be more easier to maintain. 

For the western half, I think a link from Hebbal - Kanakapura Road is enough since we have phase 2 Metro in the parallel Marenahalli Main Road. Monorail / Elevated Light Rail or even Phase 3 Metro would be better. This July Mumbai Monorail will go live and it will give us a rough estimate on the Indian working conditions of Monorail.

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still worth exploring in stretches..

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I too had my views about LRT not being feasible for Blr roads since its mixed traffic and the conditions can at best be called chaotic!

However what got me back to LRT is the thought of BDA developing resonably good signal free corridors on the ORR..we have good sections from SB to Hebbal and PES engg college to Tumkur road on the southern part..Ofcourse we have pockets even within this which are mixed traffic and there is ORR/OMR jn

My thought was going at grade at the sections which have continous RoW and go elevated/UG in other sections..

LUAS in Dublin is built in the same way I read. It is mostly at grade but also has elevated and UG sections

The width of those lines above is vehicle width. 2.4m. and track gauge. 1,435mm..which is lesser that the BRT requirements.

The most important part which can make this feasible is that its electric and cleaner than busses..

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It can be done as middle lane

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It can be done as middle lane in the ORR, not the lane close to street.  the so that vehicles and train share signal, not train and people. Infact, It is better to remove all heavy rail inside the city and take it outside, and connect  to the city with light rail and Metro. comment guidelines

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