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NICE comparison!

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 There was a recent comparison of the UP state Yamuna expressway and BMIC by the editor of Vijaya Karnataka news paper..

This by-far looks a neutral review/comparison of the projects. The salient points are as below:



Yamuna Expressway




Length(in Kms)



Number of lanes

4 Lanes (expandable to 6)

6  Lanes (expandable to 8)

Number of Townships



Land granted

20,193 acres (4894 additional to be granted)

6,175 acres (4000 additional to be granted)

Apart from the above main points most of the other terms are more or less same. The facilities though seems to more detailed and a well documented list for the Yamuna expressway.

When Jaypee associates can plan profits even with the portion of land given to them for townships..why are we going overboard to give  so much land to NICE?

The govt and courts need to open their eyes and take notice of this and take the right decisions which are best for the general public!



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3 times more land! But wait ...

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Assuming that these facts are right, the stat about land granted is certainly an eye catching one.

In a PPP, participation from state may be in form of cash or kind (like land, or business benefits like tax holiday). If full details of the government side "investments" into the two PPPs are also listed for these two projects, that will make this comparison complete.

For BMIC, govt participation is via land.

Another thing needed is monetary value of land in Yamuna region vs here on Bangalore Mysore corridor, at the time of signing of these PPPs. And then would be nice to know what percentage of total project cost is the land value (or govt share in the project, via land).

It may that even after all the stats, it would come out that GoK gave more to NICE for BMIC PPP than GoUP did to JP Infra for Yamuna Expressway. But let us reserve the verdict till someone can dig out more stats.

I suspect all this is what would be getting discussed in BMIC related cases in Supreme Court.

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BSY is undeterred..

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 ..will clear all hurdles for NICE..from TOI today:

Of the 20,193 acres, which was agreed upon by the government to give to NICE in 1997, the developers so far has received only 7,000 acres. With the Yeddyurappa committee clearing all hurdles, rest of the 14,000 acres will be transferred in next 12 months

What is going on? Doesnt he read news/reviews or is he too blind to everything? 

Should there be more PIL's and court cases to get Govt's attention to look into what is good for the state and relook at what they are giving away and what they are getting in return?


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How many more PILs?

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Don't think Yeddy is acting unilaterally there. He may be a pro-NICE person, but push for transfer of lands is primarily coming from the Supreme Court.

From what we read (regularly in news papers), there seem to be enough petitions in SC on the subject.

Will be good to get hold of stats and arguments that are being used in these Supreme Court cases on NICE. One has to assume that SC is doing the "legally right" things.

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PWD rejects 776 acres..but..

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The officer who rejected has retired!

"The officer said land required for the construction of 41 km of peripheral road is about 800 acres. But the company had prescribed 2,193 acres keeping in mind all infrastructure and developmental activities."

"Agawane further revealed that the KIADB has notified 12,637 acres for the toll road against the requirement of 6,999 acres."

Lets see how the govt reacts to this now!

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Yamuna exp way opening on 17th..

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..however NICE is now celebrating the completion of the PRR pathetic!

guess NICE road will get traction with a 'Lingayat' back in CM's post now..but still the amount of additional (non-road related) land taken away is very very disturbing!

@SB: Both are on BOOT and govt is only involved in land acqusition

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Mega Scam in Blr backyards..

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‘Nice got land 9 times more than required’

He(Kheny), along with D K Shivakumar, then decided that the total land that had to be acquired for the project  was 1.75 lakh acres

So 20,193 acres has become 175,000 acres!!

What are they trying to build?

175,000 acre is 700 sq Kms...this is a loot of magnonimous proportions!!

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Kanakapura Road 6 laning - A threat to NICE

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NHAI is going to widen Kanakapura Road to 6 lanes along with service road which will pass through Malavalli and Kollegal. Mr. Ramdas has said that he is going to take up with State Government for 4 laning from Mysore to Malavalli via Bannur.

People travelling between Mysore and Bangalore will get another parallel road with NHAI standards  and distance is around 150 kms.

Fuel Prices are also increasing. This is a major threat for Mr.Kheni. His main business is in Peripheral Road as of now due to congestion within the city and no parallel Ring Road. He would be doing a more "Real Estate" business.

Meanwhile, congestion is very high on SH-17 on weekends and travel time by car is as high as 4 hours. People are preferring trains very much since the fare is as low as travelling in Volvo within Bangalore and track is doubled upto Channapatna.

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Is India Fit for Freeways like Western Countries ?

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In India, expressways are built and no speed control is implemented. Either NICE / Yamuna expressway / Pune Mumbai Expressway. People drive crazily and even in small cars reach speeds of 130-150.

I think that we are not matured enough to this 'freeway culture'. Neither there is speed limit check, nor there is maturity on ourselves resulting in fatal accidents. Let the driver who drives crazily die, but, he kills others on expressways.

Look at this video on youtube, how crazily a driver is driving at 200kph on Yamuna expressway:

and this on our own backyards of NICE Road

I feel scared to go on these freeways honestly.

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lane driving a problem..

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The NICE road video has recorded all kinds of violations:

  • Driving without seatbelt
  • Driving on the shoulder
  • Not sticking to lane

The problem is with enforcement also..there are not much stringent rules on highway driving..we dont have any patrol to fine these kind of unless there is policing..our ppl wont listen!

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govt agrees it faltered!

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the State Government has said: “The State Government is supposed to have acquired 13,237 acres of private land including 5,500 acres for the toll road and 7,737 acres for five townships according to Schedule -I of the Framework Agreement. 

However, the State government has issued notifications for an extent of 20,946 acres of private land under Section 28 (1) of the KIADB Act from time to time, thereby 7,709 acres are notified in excess.”

more here

I guess with this its time to get along and let NICE build the road now..

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NHAI notification for NH 209

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NHAI notification for land acq for NH 209 expansion starting from Thalagatpura to TN border has been issued as of yesterday in the the Jaggernaut rolls now!

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