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HSR Flyover - overhead power lines a problem?


While the work at a flyover on Outer Ring Road near HSR Layout is in full swing, I don't see anything that indicates that the overhead power transmission lines will be raised to accomodate the new flyover. Took some pictures ...

Roof top Solar for domestic needs @ Bangalore - can I do it today?


A chance conversation with an acquaintance who works at a Solar Energy firm gave me a picture of the possibilities that await us. Now, I do read Solar Power/Panel Blogs/Forums etc once in a while, and have some idea of developments in the area.

How about an RTI Club on Praja?

Praja related

Wanted to float a suggestion, just to check on feasibility and response from other users on this e-community. Many discussions, as well as projects here get into a situation where we need official records or status from local government or public agencies. In few cases, we get such information by just asking for it (email to BMTC, BMRCL etc). But in many cases, we end up with needs for RTI (Right to Information) applications. Almost every project here on Praja too needs support in terms of RTI filings.

How about we create an RTI Club here on Praja? Members of this club would basically "assembly line" the RTI filing process in domain neutral way. Let me list the mechanics:

How about a public transportation Index?

Public Transport

On the lines of this water index project, how about a separate group of people come forward to build a public transportation index for Bengaluru? Idea would be to build a single number, publish it month over month or quarter over quarter to show some trends on how public transportation related investments or policy changes are working for our city.

It is tempting to try a traffic and transportation index instead. But public transport is the bigger and better defined service that citizens want to consume. Traffic is a different beast, it caters to movement of goods and private as well as public means of mobility.

Unlike for water domain, transportation area may already have with lot of published data points. Further, thanks to a Wilbur Smith report for MoUD (Central Ministry of Urban Development), a lot of thinking too is available to borrow from.

The upcoming BMR bill - draft

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

Continuing from the mention of two clear asks post BBMP elections, here is a regional governance reform proposal being prepared by Abide. The close to final draft of Bangalore Metropolitan Regional governance act is attached. Here are some mention worthy points. Detailed review will be very much appreciated by those who may be looking for them. Talk sense and less-rhetoric as much as possible please.

Elections over, time for Regional bill, and State Finance Commission

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

Good riddance. With the local election drama over, it is time to focus on things that will really empower a local government for Bangalore. And they are?

Tourism, Recreation and Karnataka


Kudremukh National ParkTalking about 'quality of life', tourism and recreation is another area where we all expect certain standards of amenities and infrastructure. Further, tourism is known to be an excellent way of boosting internal economy. Across states of India, Karnataka today ranks 4th on domestic tourism, and 5th on international tourist arrivals.

Even though a lot of work has been done by sate government over last 5-6 years (roads to destinations, information, visit Karnataka campaign etc), things can always be better. A good ranking relative to other states of India should not mean much, the standards could be better when judged on absolute terms. Also, there does not seem to be much active citizen involvement, feedback and participation in development and planning of tourism infrastructure and campaigns.

Pedestrian skywalk at KR Puram Ring Road chaos, finally

InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

I am not a fan of skywalks (prefer regular ped-signals, or underpass), but the chaos that this place is - Outer Ring Road/Old Madras Road junction near Tin Factory, K R Puram - a pedestrian skywalk to cross 8 lanes of thick traffic should help. After our last round of complaints etc, the pedestrian signals had been operating for some time, they still are - either the light turns red, or cops stop traffic to let pedestrians cross. The skywalk (such a late arrival) is perhaps part of signal-free ORR project.


BTRAC, it is 2010 - report card for Traffic?


BTRAC-2010, does the phrase ring a bell? It is a Rs 350 crore (max) worth project funded 2006 through 2010 to reduce congestion and better manage traffic in the city.

Analyzing Karnataka's Census data


Come 2011, and we will have our once in a decade census done. If the projections prove right (, then Karnataka would be pegged at ~ 5.94 crore people.

CAG is auditing Water Pollution - any lake to suggest?

LakesPollutionEverything elseWater

By the way guys, saw ads in papers saying that CAG is conducting a performance audit on the subject of Water Pollution and that if we want to draw attention of CAG to any particular instance of water pollution, we can reach them at their email/fax. See details in the ad image below.

RTI activist murdered - Pune

Story from Pune area. RTI activist murdered, allegedly for exposing unauthorized construction of a bunglow in Talegaon.

The Hindu bit doesn't mention details of what was being exposed here. Does anyone remember a similar news item reported from Bangalore last year (was it around hooch/liquor shops, not sure)?

Big10 - 5 things to build upon BMTC's direction-based rework

BusPublic Transport

What's your Bangalore Bus dream? I will tell you mine. Take local area bus to get to nearest Large bus stop in your sub-urb or locality. Or take your car to the Park And Ride Plaza in your sub-urb. Then change to a Big10. Dedicated lanes at places make sure you feel good about watching the cars wait in jams and chaos.

Commuter rail for Bengaluru - state not interested?

Commuter RailPublic Transport

First up, happy new year 2010 to all. I thought I should pick out one important piece from Sanjayv's summary post on Railway minister's recent announcements for our state.

Bus Priority System or partial-BRT for Bengaluru?

BusPublic Transport

Why don't we take the bus? Ask around, or read past polls and discussions here for some common answers. But this one thing is amongst the top reasons - the bus doesn't go any faster than my bike/car, it in fact takes longer. Those of us who actually use the Vajra buses for commuting do so mostly for speed first, comfort later.

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