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Cops 'looked the other way' - cricket the reason

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Quoting from Page #2, DNA, this morning, Mr Shankar Bidari, and Mr Sood like to play the generous cop. Looks like it was okay to do certain things on Wednesday night for cricketing reasons. No comments, but wanted to check if anyone else has reactions to these statements of generosity.

DNA reporter seems to have liked it.

For once, the city police received bouquets for looking the other way as thousands breached the law on Wednesday night.

Here is a quote from Mr Sood:

“We did not book any cases of drink driving on Wednesday night. Though there was less vehicular traffic, the roads were crowded with people celebrating. We refrained from booking cases so that they will be happy,” additional commissioner of police (Traffic) Praveen Sood said.

And here, some more from Mr Bidari:

“We let them make the most of it. We received more bouquets from the public than we thought,” city police commissioner Shankar M Bidari said. Though motorists, too, were seen gulping down from bottles as Bangalore bled blue, not a single case of drink driving was registered.

I love cricket myself. Just that I wouldn't expect top cops to give out public statements like that. Law is blind, so they say. Hopefuly, no accidents or deaths were traced to this "generosity" on Wednesday night / Thursday morning


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Not done

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They will recieve bouquets (and more) from criminals if they looked the other way when committing crime. So why not do that also? Maybe have a happy day for criminals so they can rape & murder in return for some kisses?

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Meanwhile, in Mangalore, male chauvinists take charge

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The security of women employees working for BPO firms has come under the scanner, as two women en route to their workplace, an MNC on M G Road were assaulted by a mob celebrating the success of India's victory over Pakistan at the semi finals of ICC world cup match, near Mahaveer (Pumpwell) Circle on Wednesday night.

For the full report in the New Indian Express, click here

When the big bosses in the capital talk in this fashion, a feeling of licentiousness takes over in the entire state, and the anti-social elements let themselves loose, leading to such incidents. The comments, if true, are indeed unfortunate.

Muralidhar Rao
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thanks, so I am not alone

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Thanks IDS, Murali. So I am not alone, glad someone else found it odd too. Let them go if you think the "occasion" is worth it, but top cops can't be making public statements like that. Definitely not done.

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Law is blind?

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I thought Love was. It is irresponsible, especially for the cops, to issue such statements. 

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Praja effect?

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City police have beefed up security for the finale -- 2,000 traffic personnel will be deployed across the city in sensitive and hypersensitive areas to maintain peace during and after the match. Additional commissioner of police (Traffic) Praveen Sood said: "Traffic and civil police will be deployed. We will not stop people from celebrating. But celebrations should not lead to violence. Drunken driving will be strictly monitored.'' The police have also banned revellers from congregating in the Central Business District -- MG Road and surroundings.

For the full report in the ToI, click here.

@ SB  -  looks like Mr Sood has taken note of your comment :))). Or, is it the Dhoni effect - making a correction in ready acceptance of having mis-read the situation earlier? Whatever a good augury.

Muralidhar Rao
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Unexpected from Mr. Sood something like this

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This is very bad, whatever the occasion or whatever the situation is,  be it celebration or life-&-death situation, they are not at all right to do like this, and to comment like this. Drunken driving has to be monitored always and punished so that we can prevent accidents. I have heard from a friend there were 2 accidents seen on the main road somewhere near udupi garden or madiwala side, after India's world cup victory. Everyone has his own way to celebrate but drink-&-drive has to be strictly prevented.

Mr. Sood, we really didn't expect that from you.


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Mr. Bidari, please note

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After the India-Pak match, my friend went to drop one of friend to BTM, what he faced near the udupi garden signal is that, a few people are drunk and they have blocked that signal itself. They have come in my friend's car's way and were insisting that say "Sri Ram" and then only will allow to go. I mean, those drunk people have taken it in religion way, which is very wrong. Where is Bidari and his team, they say a lot while new year or other times, what happened to them on this particular day? Its good from the police that they wanted to let people celebrate such moments, but no control on the drink-and-drive is really bad? and on top of that, these kind of religionalism? gunda-gardi? very bad. Authorities listenining?


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all things said ..

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The cops have done a real good job of checking on drunk driving, I see many people planning for that check now, the 'fear' is there. That is why I was disappointed to see such quotes from Mr Sood and his senior colleague.

An RTI to find out the number of cases of driving under influence booked on Saturday night could tell us if they were liberal after the final or not. But since Mr Sood has made a more sane statement before the final, let us just trust that police didn't create any dangerous exceptions on Saturday night.

One exception is all you need to encourage such behavior. Cricket world cup today, election vistory, religious festivals and God knows what else tomorrow.

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Police did their job

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Police plunged into action whenever and wherever things were going beyond limits. Atleast I didnt experience any situation where in someone was creating ruckus and the police still kept on looking at them without taking any action.

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