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Metro digging work on ITPL road, Whitefield !?

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Did anyone else notice the serious digging work going on around ITPL/Mahadevapura main road? This isn't some here and there soil testing type thing, they are making a continuous long trench on the north sidewalk of the main road going to ITPL. What's up? Phase-1 extension till ITPL - just can't be? Or has Phase-2 work begun now? Could be something else. Some pictures:


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Did they not just finish doing that sidewalk

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 Sorry for the tangential comment, but did they not just finish doing that sidewalk all nice and beautiful?!!! This is criminal!!

Coming back to the topic at hand, it somehow does not make sense that this digging is for the Metro.  Since there is this large substation at Hoodi and all this 220 KV cabling work is ongoing, could it be for that?   Maybe they are just using the Metro barricades.  Just a wild thought without any basis otherwise.

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It is metro power supply work

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The digging is going on the laying 66/33kv cables to power the metros. These cables will supply power to metro power sub stations at HAL airport, Byappanahalli, Peenya, Mysore Road and Puttenahalli.

ABB is executing the work. It is part of the Rs. 500 crore project that was awarded to them last December.

The road was recently tarred and the sidewalks were installed.

Within a few weeks after the sidewalks were first laid, KTPCL dug it up for some cabling work, however it was re-laid.

The sidewalks have been spared this time (well almost) and the road is being dug up.

The only saving grace is that they are clearing the mud quickly and have not dumped it on the road.

Hopefully they will finish the work soon and fill up the trench with concrete.

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BMRCL should have started this on April first

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 I felt wow at the headline of the topic, but after seing the pictures thought they have mentioned ABB's name instead of construction company names like Navayuga, L&T etc.Got confirmed after reading posts below for power supply - An August Fool.

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Vasanth, sorry :). Suranjan Das road too

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ABB on the board would be a give-away.

Similar digging work is now going on along Suranjan Das road as well. Before they started the digging work there, they had some small patch work on the road, and I got fooled there too wondering if there was something on the take phase II down to airport road. Now we know :)

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Digging on KR Puram to ITPL Road

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Folks this place is a mess! I'm a champion for development and know that these take time and citizens must be accomodating during this time - But being a victim of the fallout of development projects that are not planned completely, I'm frsutrated and disappointed. Traffic Jams caused by this work are now into the 3rd month! the current stretch that is being worked on begins near the Shell Bunk opp HP and runs right until the TIN factory with a curious deflection from the left lane to the right lane near B Narayanpura cross (near whitefiled HONDA). Last night the jam was 2 KM long at 11 p.m. yes!

Solution 1: Alternative road! the right taken at Hoodi circle will lead you to Devansandra and thereon to KR Puram, then onto the hanging brindge and back to Tin Factory or towards Kalyan Nagar on the ring road - trip from Hoodi Circle to Tin Factory flyover will take about 30 min if the railway gates at hoodi are open.

What needs to be done:

(a) Signs at Hoodi Circle informing users to divert.

(b) Traffic Policeman posted at Hoodi Railway Gate to streamline traffic. The complication here is that the level crossing is actuall a "U" turn. Traffic can move across the level crossing only if its manged in a manner that allows traffic from one direction to pass through, then stopped and the other direction let through and continue till backed up tracffic have crossed the tracks. (long Term) a overbridge or underbridge is needed here.

(c) Signs at ITPL junction, Hoodi Junction, Barouka junction informing traffic of the traffic congestion and repair work and asking motorist to use alternative routes. Similar signs at the other end, near Tin Factory, KR Purum station etc.

(d) Complete ban on parking on this entire stretch.

(e) A tow truck parked on this stretch to "instaneously" move off vehicles broken down to avoid additional bottlenecks

(f) work to continue during the Night 12 to 5 a.m.

(g) Ban on U and right turns except for the three major junctions

Just to give everyone a perspective a trip from Ulsoor to ITPL on this road can take upto 2.5 hrs for a 14 KM 20 min drive according to Google Maps

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Will IT companies take interest and pressure Railway Minister

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Much needed suburban rail in Bangalore, why Railway Minister wants wait even after 3 months of time ???  Does Bangalore deserve t\like this treatment ???

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Aravind Limbavali approach?

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The local BJP MLA of Mahadevapura, was responsible the re-routing of the metro making it turn at the Hoodi guess approaching him with this petition could surely work..

Afterall hes also responsible of making sure the commute is not hindered during metro construction and after.. comment guidelines

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