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Mysore airport delay - any update?

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As per a TOI report in January, NBCC (National Buildings Construction Corporation) which was scheduled to complete the civil works and hand them over to AAI by January end had asked for an extension, and Mysore MP C H Vijayashankar had asked NBCC to get done with work by February-end and latest by mid-March. By work, he had meant ATC and terminal building.

Its March end now. But no reports in newspapers lately on where we are with the airport. Interestingly, I read somewhere that AAI had asked MUDA to make alternative roads for the movement of villagers in the vicinity of the airport at Mandakalli. The delay from MUDA was cited as another reason for the airport delay.

Any idea whats the status of the airport work now? An airport at Mysore, with flights to Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai etc will set it up nicely to take some load away from Bengaluru.


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There was some update in Hindu about Phase II being delayed and Phase I (ATR) opening in a few months. This is because of viability issues. May seems to the rough time frame. 

With recession on, not sure if airlines are rushing to announce flights even if airport opens. 
While I would love to see a nice airport in Mysore, I have doubts about viability of the airport. It makes little sense to fly to Bangalore unless there are flights every other hour and cheap, and traffic to other destinations is quite sparse.

Thanks to real estate sharks who drove up Mysore RE prices almost on par with suburban Bangalore using 'Infosys/TCS/Wipro are coming in a big way' rumours, IT co's also quietly abandoned plans to expand in Mysore even before the current recession.

With time, 'build it they will come' approach may work. Mysore's biggest attraction is also its biggest drawback, being so close to Bangalore, yet not near enough to be a suburb.

It would make great sense to lay a direct road to Bangalore airport, bypassing Bangalore altogether, from some point in the Mys-Blr highway, and also speed up double track work. That would make far bigger impact on Mysore.
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Tourism can get a good boost

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With a good functioning airport tourism in and around Mysore can get a good boost.  Whether that is an unqualified blessing is another matter :)  

Lost of places in the 100 km range from Mysore - Bandipur, Kabini, Nagarahole, Coorg, Ooty.  JLR's properties are perpetually sold out.  Mysore itself has enough to see.  Tourist traffic from Bombay, Delhi and even abroad can get a real good boost with direct flights to Mysore. 


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Mysore deserves its own airport

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I am not hearing much news regarding current status of Mysore Airport, may be due to Election's.  I agree with s_yajaman , Mysore has lots of tourist spots nearby and it will help the tourism industry. Airport will also encourage IT industries to invest in Mysore. I hope the authorities will initiate & complete Phase2 to facilitate bigger aircrafts as well.
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Let me know the status,

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Friends, Hello

I am a born- Bangalorean kannadiga who loves Mysore and  am thinking of settling down there after my service here in Chennai.

I am very keen to know:
1. If Mysore Airport is working at all...any flights , any day?
2. When will it become operational for domestic flights?

Local mysoreans with more info may let me know on the forum or reply to


Nagesh Kumar
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Mysore - a gold mine untapped

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Everyone,I have seen most you all participating on SSC -Mysore airport thread.

But I found Praja a better place to discuss stuff.Thank you all will try my best to get hold of some info on the status of the airport



With regards

Akash F patil


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Hope it opens soon

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Very sad to see that what I posted in Apr2009 has come true - even after opening, airlines are not showing interest in flying to Mysore.

KF has started flying to Salem airport from Chennai, from Nov. 09. This is after MYQ was made ready. This means somehow they are not convinced of potential, it is not a question of availability of aircraft, recession etc.

I hope all the powers that be work together with passenger groups like large co's and tour operators to convince any airline to open flights. On my part, as a small man all I can promise is that I will use this airport for all my trips overseas thru Chennai if flights are there :-).

Is there any further stakeholder meetings planned? I would love to attend one as a member of public..

Let us hope the Sankranti season brings good news..let us also hope for fast progress on double track and fast connection to Bangalore so that Bangaloreans can also consider using MYQ for low cost flights like it happens in US/Europe/Asia.

I would also request govt to study feasibility of extending trains to Mysore airport using existing broad gauge line, once it opens formally. At least there can be a station in Chennai.





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