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Pune Metro - lets start tracking it here

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A detailed project report for Pune Metro should be due out anytime now. Newspaper reports back in Aug had said the DPR should be out in a month. Not sure if it is out yet. Back on early 2007, Delhi Metro had floated several tenders for detailed project report (DPR) of Pune Metro. See tenders for detailed topographical study for Pune Metro on Delhi Metro website (here), environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) (here), and more (just search for "pm" or "pune" on this page ( story mentions a report titled "Methodology and Data of Traffic Forecast for the Proposed Metro Rail Project in Pune Metropolitan Area". searched around for this title a bit, couldn't find anything on the Internet. Going be news reports, things aren't that clear. For example, what is the length of proposed metro rail at Pune:

Will keep searching. But if anyone has links handy to DPR or related feasibility studies, please do point out.



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The routes

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Need to find that feasibility report mentioned by newspapers in Aug 2008. As per those (http://www.expressindia.c...), the routes are: Shivajinagar-Swargate (J M Road and Tilak Road), Shivajinagar-Nigdi (Mumbai-Pune Road), Shivajinagar-Yerawada (Bund Garden Road and Nagar Road), Shivajinagar-Warje (J M Road and Karve Road).
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F-5, 2nd floor, 48/49 Grafikon Paradise, NIBM Road, Kondhwa Khurd, Pune - 411 048

Tel: (020) 2685 4132, Mobile: 093710 05396 Email:


Committee Members

Er. M.V. Basrur –

Ex-CRB Rly Board

Er. Brig. P.V. Gole 


Er. V K J Rane–WR


Er. & Dr. Gokhale


G.K. Sathe


Er. Dr. Patankar


Er. M.S. Ekbote

Ex/Add. Mem.

Er. B.T. Bhide


Er. G.N. Phadke

Ex-GM/NF Rly  

Er. Kotwal


Er. DVR Rao –

 Electronic Exp.

Satish Khot –

Mngt Expert

Er. Talathi –

Material Mgt,

Er. D. N. Mathur

Ex-GM  SCR              

Er. S. Kalmani


Er. Sanjay Mane

Ass. Coordinator


1.                Adopt BG (5’-6”) with indigenous 12’ wide coaches, instead of SG (4’-8.5”) with 9’-6” narrow width imported coaches

a)                This provides 74% more capacity/coach-100 yrs capacity life, as against 25 yrs for SG

b)                This will save Rs 3000cr in foreign exchange to the country

c)                This will reduce fares to the commuters by 30% & eliminate / reduce viability Gap Funding (VGF) subsidy & reduce heavy taxation on Pune citizens as proposed in DPR 

2.          The 21st Century, Best in the World Technology, is available on B G, on BART Metro/San-Francisco/USA (2003), for safety & Stability considerations. Technology is independent of gauge  

3.          No need to duplicate elevated metro corridor, between PCMC & PMC. Provide dedicated surface corridor, adjoining to the existing surface line within railway land

4.          This will save Rs 1500cr & provide more capacity for the commuters & will not void the constitution, if constructed by joint venture between Indian Railways & GOM

5.          The DPR of DMRC is defective, deficient, inadequate, inconsistent and devoid of wisdom & commonsense  and is a “Paper Project Report” (PPR) with “copy paste” of “Ludhiana & Faridabad reports” and needs to be completely  reviewed and recast & later proof checked by Ministry of Railwaysa supreme technical & legal authority on the subject, under the present constitution.

6.             The Controller & Auditor Generals (CAG) report (Sept 2008) on Delhi Metro Phase – I, EXPLODES THE ARTIFICIALLY INFLATED BALLOON, OF SELF MAGNIFIED IMAGE of DMRC, for its innovative management system, decision making, adoption of international safety standards, international standard of pollution control, bid acceptance systems, and international testing standards etc.  CAG has critically & adversely commented on the above areas & need to be studied to avoid repetition of serious accidents, similar to those occurred on 12th & 13th July 2009 & cracks observed in concrete columns, before commissioning the corridor to traffic operations. This will enable adequate steps to be taken, for Pune Metro Rail Planning & Execution, under the supervision of the Ministry of Railways, in the absence of similar competency with Ministry of Urban Development at the center and the States

7.             DMRC Model proposed for implementation of the project should freeze the project cost & take the responsibility of excess costs over the estimate. This should be reviewed by Ministry of Railways. There are other improved models for implementation of such railway projects.

8.             An alternative of fully UG metro rail system for Pune, having large scale economic benefits

              and savings in terms of elimination of land acquisition, cutting of trees, demolition of buildings,    

              diversion of utility services, impact on environment etc. totaling to a saving of more than Rs 3 cr per km and providing long terms benefits of more than 100 yrs to the city of Pune, needs to be incorporated in the DPR.

9.       DMRC has misguided the politicians and the bureaucrats of this country, by ensuring  NON INVOLVEMENT of Indian Railways, and inducting SG in the country against the country’s UNI-GAUGE POLICY of the Central Govt., and under the pressure of the overseas manufactures, suppliers and consultants for their own commercial and financial benefits, at enormous cost to the exchequer and in foreign exchange, against the national interest.  

10.  This subject need a debate involving citizens, the Technical Expert Group of Pune, Indian Railways and the State Govt. & DMRC, on technical, & other issues, in the overall and long term interest, of the present and future citizens, of not only Pune but of the entire nation, with a view to revise, the present policy of SG Metro System in the country.                     


V K J Rane – IRSE (Retd)


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pune metro

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hey its great, that they will start work on metro, and have assured we can use it from 2013. they are talking about taxing companies for it. i as an employee will be happy to give my share in it comment guidelines

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