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Airport for sale at Puttaparthi - interesting?

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In case you guys missed reading this story (Business-Standard 31st Oct), Sai Baba's airport which is only 70 km from Devanahalli is up for sale. What if a big name corporation buys and develops this airport and the sorrounding region? Bad news for BIAL?

It wouldn't really create a Delhi vs Noida airport like situation because Bangalore doesn't have a satellite region in that area yet. But two airports north of Bangalore may be an incentive for industries to shift there, and may help create a Noida like thing. A chance for Andhra Pradesh to cash in on Bangalore story?

Just a thought.


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i cannot recall the exact name of the place but some where in south eastern AP they already have laid out plans for a bidadi type of city. cannot happen because the deal with GoI is that no airport can come up within 150 kms. no impact on BIAL even if it happens, will take an awful lot of investment from all and sundry to make that happen. unless there is critical mass nobody is going to dedicate hardware, even small ATR types between metros and PUT. Have to depend on BLR. perhaps in another 50 years. but not in immediate future. comment guidelines

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