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Ultra local JNNURM

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Here is a good news!! JNNURM is now ultra-local! We all knew that JNNURM could be used by projects of medium scale that benefit the majority of the community of a town/city.

But what is now announced in this Indian Express story is that now proposals can be submitted by a small group of citizens. Although it is not clear what is the nature of projects that are eligible for proposal, it might be assumed that the guidelines for the other (bigger) NURM proposals hold good here too. The stress here is on the 'last mile connectivity' though. The proposals can be valued upto 10 Lakh Rs and have to be submitted by a citizen group and routed through local municipal administration.

What this means is that NGOs, Citizen committees, resident's societies etc can propose projects that are beneficial to the ultra-local community (1-5 polling stations wide community).

For members of Praja, this translates to an opportunity where members of neighboring wards can generate small proposals and get them sanctioned. This looks very appealing on paper and we should not let go of this wonderful opportunity.

So, what would your community benefit from?


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citizen participaton.

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this is good in that small uber local projects like parks, mebbe garbage collection etc can be done. but most of the city's problem are so massive how can the citizen's participate in jnnurm? take water,sewage,ugd,roads, footpath etc... we can only complain about them, realistically what can ordinary suggest? how deep can they go? at best we can say improve bellandur lake, add bunds, dont put motorboats and such stuff. but the real solution and true impact will only come from experts, not from the BMP stables but from IISc and such. Similarly, traffic, how much can we do? shouldnt they be hiring the best engineers? citizens can be a part of the feeback and consulting, monitoring processes but how can they be a part of the design and specing as nurm demands? how much vision can citizens have? that too vision without knowledge (thats fantasy). comment guidelines

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