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BMTC Majestic Bus Stand Foot Over Bridge make over and extend both sides at same level

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Pedestrian Infrastructure

Mejestic Bus stand FOB Skywalk why not provide the Roof cover.

Bangalore Mejestic BMTC bus stand can get back its glory by providing shelter of proper aesthetic on the FOB / Skywalk and ensure that FOB is also connected directly from Gandhi Bazar Side and Bangalore Railway Station.

As shown below, BMTC can provide roof cover with small amount expenditure and extend the skywalk on both sides so that people climbing up and down doing circus will not be required.

This will help during rains, summer days and even night it will be safe to cross entire streatch above the road.





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Can we send petition to BMTC MD and Transport Minister ???

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We should send peiton to BMTC MD and Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy to provide this facility which will go long way in attracting Public Transport commuters and Pedestrains.

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Let vehicles do the circus! Send them up/down- NOT HUMANS

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Vehicles can effortlessly climb a few hundred feet (if not a few thousand) up and down. Keep pedestrians at the ground level, lets keep BMTCs eyesores and the foul gas excreting vehicles out of sight.

I am surprised that we have to climb up and down to make way for their lordships - the ugly contraptions that the Bangalore Monopoly Torture Conspiracy imposes on us. GET REAL! Build something that serves us not yourselves, and spend some money, after all you can always raise ticket prices to break even parvej!!

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Majestic Bus Station

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It is high time that the number of buses waiting to enter are minimised by combining the routes in such a way that most combined routes will by-pass the Bus Station.

Bus stops may be provided outside for such routes.


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No more skywalks only overdrives where vehicles go up/down

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Every skywalk needs to be taken down and replaced with an "overdrive"

On a overdrive the vehicle will climb a steep slope up away from humans and descend away from the pedestrian crossing area. these must be enclosed so any pollution is fed back to the vehicles.

 This will be accepted by the System, just based on the opportunities offered for their people to make money. I see that the diesel under recovery is now minimal so the extra money can be used to fund this, plus a nominal toll / cess of Rs 10 per litre will also help Our esteemed R&D can provide some 'innovations' to extract energy from the descending vehicles to power lights and air cleaners nearby.



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Attempt to popularise skywalks at KBS

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To popularise the use of skywalks even during the rains, the ministers directed BMTC to construct shelters on the currently-open pedestrian crossing.

Last year June2014, we had taken up with Present MD Kaur   BMTC  to  provide shelter for BMTC foot over bridge at KBS.

Response was BMTC does  not have funds to take up.   I hope now with both Ministers singing the song,  MD will act without funds.

Feel sorry for these officers who act based the Minister and MPs instructions only.

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Would a Praja Visit help?

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You have been canvasing this for very long. Would a publicised Praja-Visit to scout the spot and come up with the do-able solutions help?

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or is it time for a complete

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or is it time for a complete revamp of the bus stand?

The BMTC bus stand semi concentric design was good and novel years ago but has its flaws..with the metro coming and KSRTC relying more on decentralized model with satellite bus stand and BMTC itself planning to change to direction based routing instead of the old hub and spoke model, it is high time the bus stand also is remodelled to cater to the changes..

one other fact is people always prefer to cross at grade than taking the longer elevated route..hence it will be prudent to construct the new stand accordingly.

The depot there also can be shifted as that prime place can be put to better use!

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Already authorities messed it Majestic

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Interchange of METRO is just arround KSRTC bus stand and BMTC  stand is 500 meters and Railway station is almost one Km. 

I am not sure how the commuters will be able to do interchange between Railway, BMTC, KSRTC, AUto and Taxi with pedestrain facility.

As such BMRC will never share the details in public domain how the integartion is planned at KBS.

Ideally BMRC interchnage METRO should  have been just below the Foot Over bridge of BMTC and exit  at  KSRTC, BMTC, Railway station and  Gandhi Nagar  ie 8 exits should have been planned as done in Cannught Place in Delhi METRO.  Rajeev Chowk has 8 gates for entry and exit and they r all located at no traffic place so that commuters can easily enter  and come out safely from METRO station.

Do we have faith in BMRC to do  this  at Mejestic interchange ???

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We need METRO interchange plan at Mejestic

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With plan and visit will help in understamding the whole complexities at Mejestic.

Just building world class METRO station is not sufficient,  interchnage and pedestrain facility are equally important for the METRO to succed

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Requests to extend KBS foot overbridge pour in

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Citizens are demanding that the bridge be extended at both ends to be fully utilised
The pedestrian foot overbridge Kempegowda Bus Stand is back in the spotlight following the death of a first year pre-university at student r e c e n t l y.Bengalureans are now demanding that the bridge be extended at both ends so that it is fully utilised.

Speaking to Bangalore Mirror about the facility at the crowded junction, Sanjeev V Dyamannanavar, a techie, said, “Currently, the bridge starts at two locations: BMTC bus stand and KSRTC bus stand; and ends at the other side of the road leading to the city railway station. So, we have written to BMTC and Department of Urban Land Transport to extend the foot overbridge up to the railway station on one side and Gandhinagar on the other side so that it can be optimally utilised.“

“Most passengers coming from Subedar Chatram or Dhanvantari Road need to cross roads on which plenty of buses ply to step onto the foot overbridge. It is while crossing these roads that pedestrians are exposed to the danger of being run over by vehicles. Extending the overbridge will reduce this risk. Many people do not use the foot overbridge now because they need to walk up and down, and hence prefer to cross the road instead, which results in accidents like the one that caused the death of the girl. Extension of the bridge will definitely be an advantage,“ he added.

Anil Raj, another techie who changes buses at Majestic, said the foot overbridge here was a unique model and one of the earliest facilities created (in the 1980s) to help the large volumes of pedestrians that converge at the junction. It is maintenance of the bridge that is the issue, according to her. “Over the years, the sheer neglect of civic author ities is rendering the bridge unusable,“ she said. Sanjeev, however, opines that BMTC should consider constructing a shelter over the existing foot overbridge.

“Sometime back, the transport minister announced construction of a roof-like structure over the bridge in a bid to make it usable even during rains. A proper shelter will ensure that more people use it,“ he said.


Bengaluru in-charge and transport minister Ramalinga Reddy said he too had received a number of requests for the extension of the bridge. “I have asked officials concerned to survey the feasibility of extending the bridge. I have also discussed the same with the BMTC managing director. I shall conduct a review meeting on Wednesday to settle the issue,“ he said.


Lets hope the Decision is taken on priority and funds are allocated.



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Finally work will start for Mejestic BMTC FOB covering

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Covering foot over Bridge at Kempegowda Bus Station, Subhashnagar, Bangalore

Cost of the  work : Rs 3.69  Crore  and 4 months duration., tender called  on 1st Jan 2016

The complet amount has been funded by DULT / GOK as BMTC was not able to get the internal funds on priority.

This should be ready by the time  Magadi - MG Road under ground METRO starts playing

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BMTC Foot Over Bridge Cover work started

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Mejestic area of BMTC will have good Sky walk with make over after 2 decades. With METRO criss crossing and one more entry to City railway station. It will be fun to walk around Mejestic once these are completed.

1.Now work finally started for giving cover to BMTC Foot Over Bridge at Mejestic costing Rs 3.70 Crore.

2. BBMP has called tender to extend the Mejestic BMTC Foot Over bridge on both side ( Danavanthri Road ) and City Railway Station

Now work to be approved and to be taken up is connecting this Foot Over Bridge to METRO station at Mejestic.

We need to wait and see how this will come up aesthetically




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Connecting BMTC Foot Over Bridge to METRO Entrance

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This BMTC / KSRTC Foot Over bridge need to be connected thru this space so that commuters can easily interchange between BMTC, KSRTC, Railways and METRO

We need heavy duty escalators and lifts to take commuters from the FOB to underground and 2nd under ground.  This will be worth as  dispersing of commuters from METRO station will be easy

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Finally some good thing at Mejestic BMTC Skywalk

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Thanks to DULT funding of BMTC Skywlak roof with  Rs 3.69 Crore.

This has come at right time for pedestrains as peak summer and rainy season futher.

Much more needed from BMRCL  for  metro passengers.

Also Rain water harvesting is been missed out  in this.  BMTC has to do complet job and get good appreciation from citizens.

BMTC  Skywalk roof at Mejestic

Mejestic BMTC FOB roof cover




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some more improvements to be done at Mejestic

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1. Extend Foot  Over Bridge on both side  of BMTC  :  BBMP has to do

2.  Extend the Roof cover  towards KSRTC side

3. Provide Rain Water Harvesting from the roof

4. Sign Boards fpr BMTC, KSRTC,  Railway Station, METRO

5. Provide Dust Bins  at selected places comment guidelines

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