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Running Passenger Trains on Western Ghat : Alnawar - Ambewadi ( Dandeli ) finally wll happen after

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Complant No : MORLY/E/2013/05091

Refer in this below site, compalint was filed on 21 Jun 2013

Details of the Complaint :
Allowing Passenger Trains to run between Alnawar - Ambewadi Station under SWR Hubli : This segment is of 26.03 Kms with two stations : Shingatageri and Ambewadi. As we understand that South Central Railway had closed this line during March'2001. We as public fail to understand for removing facility of passenger trains after broad gauge conversion. Now Dandeli has been developed and further KPTCL projects are running arround Dandeli, it makes sens to open this line for Passenger Trains. Also Karnataka Gvt has taken lead in contributing 50% of the Railway Project cost in Karnataka. In such case, Railway Board should be considerate for Krnataka in running trains. Already Dharwad MP has requested SWR to run the Trains from Hubli to Ambewadi. Also in Recently Tenders are called for the limited Height Subway at 4 locations worth Rs 3.50 Crore and next tender Alnawar-Ambewadi Section- Supply of welding portion including accessories with supervision for Rs 64 Lakhs That means this segment is under operation and why Railway Board is not taking interest in running trains to Ambewadi. Why is that SWR is lacking interest in running passenger Trains inspite of the Public Demand. Will the Railway Board consider the request and sanction Passenger Train between Hubli - Ambewadi soon. Kindly consider even on citizen perspective who are leaving arround Dandeli and do not look into the fiancial aspect only as Karnataka state is very generious in contributing amount to Ralway Projects. Kindly conside this and sanction trains at the earliest and we would like to open this line by our new Railway Minsiter Mr Kharge.

Reply from the Railway SWR on 31st Jan'2014 :

The proposals regarding introduction of passenger train service between Alnavar and Ambewadi, and development of Ambewadi Station are under active consideration under OOT for the year PWP-2013-14

Very good news and I expect Railway Minister Kharge to allocate sufficient funds for this Ambewadi station.

This train will start after 13 years of Gauge conversion and 20 years of gap stopping passenger train during 1994 when broad gauge conversion of Hubli -Miraj taken. comment guidelines

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