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Yesvantpur and Cantonment Railway station Improvements

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Yeshwantpur railway station gets a facelift

The facilities include an altered concourse, unreserved ticketing counters, help desk, foot overbridge and a facilitation centre. The railways is revamping Yeshwantpur railway station to meet the increasing rail traffic for the next five years.

The ministry is also in the process of constructing a new cargo booking centre to make way for a mega food court in the existing cargo booking centre. Also, the railways is planning to construct a multi-level vehicle parking complex in front of the Yeshwantpur railway station along with BMRC

Bangalore's Cantonment station gets a facelift

The Cantonment Railway Station in Vasanthnagar has a new look with a remodelled entrance and ticketing counter behind platform number 2. The new facilities would be thrown open to the public by the Union minister of state for railways, K Muniyappa, on Sunday.

The old rear entrance of the building has been closed and the renovated building is open for public use. The building has five ticket counters for the benefit of passengers as against two ticket counters in the old building. The new building, which will be inaugurated on Sunday, has won the hearts of passengers because of its appearance.

Observerd at Yesvantpur station platform-1 side, they have demolished their staff houses.  It looks SWR & BMRCL are coming together now  for better passanger facility at Yesvantpur station.


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It is stated in the report that approximately 800-1,000 passengers make use of  the pre paid auto services at Cantonment Railway station but how many can really afford ? It is not a big achievement to be proud off.  Commuters are forced to opt for Autos at the railway stations since the mass public transport systems are not easily accessible for the commuters. The scenario at Krishnarajapuram Railway Station is little better since the BMTC bus stop is located at the entrance of the railway station.  Here the commuters have a choice between autos and buses. Question of affordability and comfort will determine the choice.  Similar situation need to be created at all exist and entry points to the city as well as at the proposed metro stations.   Autos can co exists along with mass public transport system and the limited spaces available at these locations are to be shared between them, based on public convenience. 

In Andhra Pradesh Commuting between, Tirupathi to Tirumala is made very easy by means of mass public transport system even though cabs and jeeps also exist in the system.   Pilgrims are picked up & dropped at the entrance of the railway station or bus terminals.  Dependency on autos, cabs, jeeps are minimised even for pilgrims with huge luggage. Situation does not change in other metros and cities like Chennai etc. Mass transport systems must be given priority over other systems of transport by relocating the bus stops at the entrance of the Railway Stations. 
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No foot overbridge for pedestrians at Kadugodi, Pattalammapalya,

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Residents of Kadugodi, Pattalammapalya, Shankar Nagar and Sidartha Layout have to risk their lives every day whenever they want to take a bus to the city.

They have to cross six railway tracks across which lies the bus stop.

"We are facing this problem for the past one year and many have been killed in accidents or have been injuries," said N Kumar, a resident of Kadugodi

There is no foot overbridge for pedestrians to cross the railway crossing.

Many have met with accidents - died or lost their limbs under trains - while crossing over to the other side.  Neither the people's representatives nor the railway department has looked into the problem.

Till a year ago, a road crossed the tracks and there was a manned level crossing. Then the Railways permanently closed the gates of the crossing after a flyover was constructed to go over the tracks

A station nearby

The Whitefield railway station, close to the crossing, has a foot overbridge but on the other side people still have to walk on tracks to reach the bus stop.

Around 5,000 train passengers and 15,000 bus commuters cross this track everyday. They have to cross the tracks to board the city bus services from the southern side of the railway station.

As many as 28 trains pass the crossing everyday and there are some trains that don't halt at the station

Patients too suffer

There is a hospital in the area, on the other side of the tracks, and often patients from outside the city stay in areas like Kadugodi, where rent is cheap, and get treated at the hospital. They too have to cross the tracks to reach the hospital
With such conditions,  how Railway will run the Trains at high speed on these sections, they will limit th speed to 20Kms/ Hrs so that Driver can keep on honking to avert any accidents.  In the process, railway is compromising the efficiency. 
These projects are of small budget may be 50 to 100 Lakhs, many companies will come forward to build the Foot over Brdige, its  poor state of afairs, the way Railway approaches for problem.
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Yesvantpur Railway station expansion

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5 more stabling lines with capacity of 24 coaches is getting ready and will be put to service in next 4/5 months time.

Here are the picture and its easy to creat  2/4 Platforms at these locations to make 2nd Terminal for Yesvantpur station to provide train services to Belgaum / Hassan/ Mangalore / Chikmagalur / Shimogga / Dandeli / Chitradurga exclusivily.





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Some improvements at Cantonment as Terminal Station

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1. Proposed CC Apron for road No. 1 at BNC for a length of 580 Mtrs   at Cantonment station

Costing  Rs 1.33 Crore


2. SW-I: BNC-Pro for coach watering facilities at BNC station.

Costing Rs 81 Lakhs


Above facilities will help Cant  Railway sttation to be converted as Terminal Station

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Some more works Platform improvements

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1. Yeshvanthapur: Pro Provision of sky frame/IRS type shelter

Cost : 1,18,44,094 /-    5 months

2. YPR: Pro. Carriage watering facility in the stabling lines of 4, 5 and 6.

Cost : 77,51,105 /-        6 months


1. Proposed stabling line at Yesvantpur Railway Station ( 4 lines )-Electrical Arrangements

Cost : 85,62,587/-     6 months p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; }

2.Bangalore Division: Electrical arrangements formiscellaneous service buildings at various stations including provision of high mast at Kengeri and coach watering facilities at Bangalore CantonmentRailway stations.

Cost : 35,50,085/-    06 months


Another 2.50 Crore for station and yard improvements

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Yesvanthpur and Cantonment some more improvements

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SBC-Division: BNC extension of shunting line and Demu stabling line at JTJ end to hold rake capacity of one demu rake. SGT yard road No.1 by lowering, lifting for converting in to loco bye line total length of track is 55 mtrs. Renewal of steel channel sleeper fittings for casual renewals.

Tender Value : 11483745 /-        Period of Work : 5 Months


Yeshwanthnagar upgrading of Rd-4 as R & D line duly providing a cross over between Rd 4 & Rd 3 with provision of MACLS signals at SMLI end

Tender  Value  5052719   Period of Work : 6 months


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More escalators likely at City, Yeshwantpur stations by April

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A promise made in February 2013 and once much earlier in 2009 may soon see the light of day. Additional escalators at the Bengaluru City railway station and new escalators at the Yeshwantpur station are expected to be functional in April this year if all schedules go well.

A K Agarwal, Divisional Railway Manager, South Western Railway, Bangalore Division, said the projects were underway. “The escalators at the Bengaluru City railway station will come up earlier than the one at the Yeshwantpur station. We are looking at work completion within three to four months. Work is on to meet the deadline,” the official said.

The escalators at the City railway station will come up at platforms 2 and 3 and 9 and 10. The escalators at Yeshwantpur will come up at platform 1, platform 6, and two near the old foot-over-bridge. In all two escalators at the city station and four escalators at the Yeshwanpur station have been commissioned.

The railways is also building two additional lifts at Bengaluru city railway station and four at Yeshwantpur as part of the modernisation programme. In all six lifts will be provided for city and Yeshwantpur stations.

Currently, the City station has made provision for electric vehicles (carts) for the elderly and disabled and the service is free of charge. The cost of each escalator may be around Rs 45 lakh to Rs 50 lakh, while it was around Rs 35 lakh in 2013.

The work on the escalators will not hamper passenger traffic as no major reworking on the platforms is being undertaken. Initially, it was thought that the escalators were needed to only go upwards, but after a review, it was decided to have one to go down, too.

The original plan was to go the same way as Delhi and Chennai, which have escalators only for going up, a senior railway official said. The four escalators got the go-ahead in the July 2009 railway budget when it was announced by then railway minister Mamata Banerjee that escalators would be introduced all over the country in a phased manner.

However, it never took up the work and introduced tenders only in 2012-end. Even that took time and work was not on between 2013 and late 2014. Some discussion happened in 2015 and it was decided that the railways would go ahead with the project. Now, the new deadline has been given as March-April 2016.

Passengers have been long complaining that they need an escalator to get to the other platforms. M Datta, a frequent traveller, says the climb is far too steep for people with heavy luggage to walk up and down.



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Bangalore Cantonment station with Plaform 1A

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This 1A PF can be converted to Suburban Rail services





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Yesvanthpur Railway station Escalator and circulating area

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Finally Yesvanthpur Railway station getting Escalator at PF-1 side with both up and down ramps and also big circulating area for passengers. Mostly this will be 3rd entrance to Yesvanthpur station. Unfortunately BMRCL has no plans to connect their Yesvanthpur METRO station with Yesvanthpur railway station which is just less then 100 meters. Now SWR has done its part and will BMRCL come forward as Ph-1 is beeing talked finally copmletion, so will this happen or not ???




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Yesvanthpur 3rd Entry

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3 DEMU rakes of Suburban rail at Cant rail station

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AT Cant 3 DEMU rakes



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MP PC Mohan visit to Cant station

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PC Mohan visited  Cantonment station and how this tation can be expanded for Suburban rail hub.

Interacted with Station master Cantonement and saw how imppossible to integrate with new location of Cant metro station,  He will be taking up with GOK & BMRCL on retaining Cantonemtent metro infront of railway station only.

Visited to the Cantonment railway station to see how suburban rail services can be increased towards Whitefield. Also had a look at the proposed Metro station at Bamboo Bazaar maidan. Will take up the issue of integration of Metro at Cantonment with the #BMRCL




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Yesvanthpur station Train movement Bottelnecks to be removed

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SWR has to  plan for removing bottelnecks at Yard for smooth train movement whcih indireclty help in track better utilization

With automatic signalling, Better yard modelling, doubling, MEMU rakes, capacity can go upto 4 times if SWR wants

Look below how Yesvanthpur Station platform  connecting tracks are having constraints


Even additional 20 Acers of Land at Yesvanthpur can be used for Suburban Train Maintenance if SWR  wants
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