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Drunk driver worried about his future!

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3 innocent people lost their lives because of one drunken idiot on the East Coast Road in Madras. See the idiot's reaction. After robbing 3 people of their future his reaction was that he was "anxious about his future".

"Sivaguru, the driver of the car coming from Puducherry, was under total influence of alcohol when he rammed into the Kulkarnis’ car. He was taken to the hospital after the accident, but he escaped with minor injuries.

At present in police custody, Sivaguru is now anxious about his future. “He was so drunk last night that he didn’t realise what happened. But after coming back to senses, he became worried about what’s going to happen to him,” a police official said

He should be worried. These sort have been getting away for far too long. The police assures us that he will be punished - see link below.

“The driver was under the influence of alcohol. He was driving at a very high speed from the opposite direction. We have booked him under Section 279 (rash and negligent driving), 337 (causing simple injury) and 304(a) (causing death). Under these cases and according to the latest Supreme Court ruling, he will be penalised for minimum ten years,” Inspector, Mamallapuram Police Station, Veliappani said.

As much as I am against the death penalty, this time around I firmly believe this man should be hanged if found guilty. That will teach people to be a bit more thoughtful about their actions and the consequences.



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Whats the ultimate punishment?

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Srivatsa, Often the same thoughts come to my mind- capital punishment as opposed to life sentences. But I have realized that Capital Punishment isn't as bad as Life terms. In fact during the final execution a lot of sympathy is generated for the Victim. What is even more effective is active media coverage of how his career is ruined and the poor lifestyle a accused leads in Jail !That makes people think twice sometimes before committing a crime. The other option for relatively minor offenses (traffic law violations) would be community service work. The offender should be made to Man Traffic Signals/Clean Garbage and other such work.
Narayan Gopalan
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just to add to all the "traffic" woes!! we now have an "actor"

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Shame on you Diganth for not abiding by the law. You had a chance to set an example and you blew it. Add to that,  you were with a chick, stupid enough to buy you out instead of talking sense into you to follow the law! Being an actor isn't above the law. Lowlife junkies..a shame to my society!

What happened to the same media that slammed Karthik Somiah and the authorities to take action  when Somiah mowed down ppl under the influence? Could it not have happened to this two bit "actor"? comment guidelines

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