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Sumanahalli Flyover and the Outer `Ring' Road.

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About a week ago the CM inagurated the Sumanahalli flyover, which is a fancy name for the overbridge over Magadi Road on the Outer Ring Road. This leads to a new part of the ring road which is supposed to make the Outer Ring road more of a ring than it currently is.

The flyover is good but at least at present the ring road is a complete free for all. There are no signs to indicate where and how to get on and off and as result its not unusual to cross a hill and see a truck coming up in the opposite direction in the right lane - perhaps with his lights on, which seems to be the universal symbol in Bangalore to say `look out, I'm coming the wrong way'. This is potentially extremely dangerous as the road is very good and its very easy to accelerate to speeds of over 100km. And typically the right lane is supposed to be the fastest. The result of this will be a horrific accident one of these days and the solution to that will be to put monstrous speed breakers all over the road - instead of addressing the root cause of the problem.

This is just another example of mismanagement by the powers that are in Bangalore. They have spent crores on building this road but cannot take the simplest precautions of putting up signs and markers so as to indicate where one can get on or off. Added to this is the  Bangalore driver who is always in a terrific hurry to get to his destination - even if means risking life and limb of himself and others.

Of course the other end of the road - the junction with Mysore Road, is far from complete and perhaps wont be so for another year. I wonder if they are waiting for that before they put the final touches on the existing road.



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Agree on the spead breaker...

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Thanks for letting know of the mysterious "Sumanahalli Flyover", i wonder why they hide the magadi road overbridge behind fancy names, including our press.

I was planning to do a loop around the ring road to inspect the "Sumanahalli Flyover"!! :).

I totally echo your sentiments on the killer "spead breakers", our city is the "spead breaker" capital of the world!!

As far the remaining comments on sign posts, wrong way etc...the rootcause is simple ..rampant ."corruption" at all levels!!!


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As predicted

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Well, as I predicted while I was retuning from work this afternoon there was an accident on the Outer Ring road - thanks to the fact that nobody seems to have done anything to improve signage and clarify the entrances and exits.

A Qualis was coming on the wrong side of the road and collided with an Alto - the poor chap in the Alto perhaps was under the impression that in India we drive on the left, especially on a divided highway. The Qualis thought that since we are an independent country now, having rid ourselves of the British, we have the right to drive on any side of the road we please and at any speed.

I suppose tomorrow the speed breaker brigade will be in action....


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