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Auto strike...

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If only there was an auto strike every day ! The city is so much quieter and calmer. And traffic is so much more orderly....

I have nothing really against the notion of autorickshaws - I use them myself - but I believe they should

- obey traffic laws

- do their job correctly

- maintain their vehicles well

- not remove silencers etc.

- change to digital metres

- change to LPG/CNG clean gas.


I think some people will be greatly inconvenienced today, but if the strike continues then people will adjust and realise that they can do without the harrassment and annoyance of autos.


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So instead of being refused

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we just don't get to ask them to take us to our destination :)

Jokes apart, autos do provide a valuable service.  If only they earned their livelihood without destroying what is left of our city.

Most of the owner driven autos are typically decent.  They understand that if something happens to their auto they lose their livelihood. They also create the least amount of fuss.

The government's order to change the colour ofautos to green is Ridiculous.  And if I am not mistaken it is only for the autos that have converted to LPG - if that is the case it is a case of punishing a good deed.

" Later in the day the drivers spoke to transport commissioner Bhaskar Rao. He told them that re-painting was applicable only for four-stroke, LPG-driven autos. "Less than 20,000 autos are four-stroke. They misunderstood what we said. The idea of repainting the four-stroke, LPG-driven autos green is to identify autos that emit less smoke, make less noise and are more comfortable. This will help two-stroke autos gradually change to four-stroke autos, he said. "  Amazing logic.  Instead of forcing non-LPG autos to convert they come up with this.

  Digital meters and smart cards - I am not as sympathetic.  Smart cards have to be renewed every 3 years and cost 200.  Digital meters - govt can definitely subsidize 50%.  


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Green Autos....

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Simple alternatives exist. For example, RTO can issue a big "I'm your Green Auto" sticker at government's expense when the green autos line up for their next Fitness Test. 

Again a typical case of a good idea (encouraging use of greener autos) getting messed up in our Govt tangle!

Extending the idea a little bit, I wish they also issued the worst looking, florescent "I'm Noisy", "I'm Smoky" non-removable stickers to policemen at intersections - to be slapped on to any noise / smoky automobile (not just the ricks).


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Kafkaesque society

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So instead of ensuring that all autos are 4-stroke and LPG within a year or their licenses get cancelled even if the whole city comes to a standstill, the painting decision still remains, but is put off by a year.  How positively brilliant. 

Kafka would be proud.



Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Exactly, it does not matter

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Exactly, it does not matter if they paint their autos green or blue or shocking pink, for all I care. What is important is that they use LPG and not pollute - both with fumes and noise. And obey rules and not hold up traffic by parking indifferently. But instead the whole issue gets diverted in to something compleltely irrelevant - which is not resolved either.

I think if the city does not give in and allows the strike to continue perhaps people will adjust in a couple of days and then realise that they are not that dependent on the autos. I wonder if there is a quantitative way of measuring the effects of the strike.

As Ravi suggested, the RTO can simply put a big, clealy visible sticker, on the certified autos. I dont understand the green paint - what is stopping a polluting two stroke auto from painting it green ? 


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Back to hell...

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 Today it was again horrible to travel between the autos....

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No autos, 'wider' roads

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No autos, ‘wider’ roads

“For once, the vehicles on the road were following lane discipline. I reached my office in record time and without any tensions,”

"I now feel that the bus is actually more comfortable and much more cheaper than the auto"

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