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BMTC response to Praja's suggestions and feedback

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Following is a letter from CTM(O), BMTC with regards to the paticipation and engagement of Praja members with them.

A couple of months back discussions were held on Praja on ways to encourage public transportation (including Volvo usage) and also on the topic of BMTC website. Following the discussions, a list of all suggestions that we were made was complied and sent to BMTC. 

The discussion can be accessed here, here and here.

Dear Praja,

Greetings from BMTC!

We would like to express our gratitude to Praja for the Vajra feedback report. MD, BMTC has also appreciated the same.

Public feedback is valuable to us and we appreciate your effort at reaching out to us. We will keep in mind your suggestions to help BMTC improve its service and operations. We are also happy to inform you that your suggestions to improve our website have been incorporated in our new website ( to be launched shortly).

Moving forward, we request Praja to help us with our Outreach Campaign. The details of which were discussed in the last meeting held in April. We would like to call for a more focused discussion this time. Please be in touch with BMTC to coordinate another BMTC-Praja meeting.

We look forward to partnering with Praja in making BMTC the preferred mode of travel in Bangalore

Chief Traffic Manager (Operations)
Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation,

PS: Names in the letter have been removed.

To participate in BMTC and transportation related projects, please leave a note below or refer to this link.


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Engagement with BMTC

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I am in bangalore now & can attend BMTC (or any other) meeting/s. Do keep me posted too, thanks.

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Good going...

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Hats off to the dedicated Praja members. Wishing for more good to follow!


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BMTC & Silkboard circle

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Dear all,

After our discussion I talked to Mr. Shashidhara of City connect at Janaagraha office on Monday.

A meeting is scheduled between Praja & City connect/Janaagraha on Thursday, 6th August at 9-15 a.m. at Janaagraha office.

I request all interested, esp. Rithesh, Ravi, Naveen, Manjari, Srivathsava to make it convenient to join.


4th Floor, UNI Building, (Opp. Alliance Francais)

Thimmaiah Road,


Bangalore 560052.

(Ph. 41277102)

My phone- 9342179182.



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Pathy Sir - weekends please

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Pathy Sir,

Weekdays, i doubt many will be able to make it sir. Can you please try to reschedule it to a weekend instead. Would really appreciate that.
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Meeting at Janaagraha

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Dear Rithesh,

The 6th Aug. meeting is preliminary. Those who can may join.

We will try for another meeting during week end.

I request Mr Muralidhar & Mr. Suhas to try and join on 6th.


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I will try to be there

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Good initiative - I will try to make it on 6th, 9.15 AM.

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Hadn't seen this

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Mathy sir - hadn't seen this comment before I unloaded on your meeting invite. Point stands, but apologize for the tone there.

Rithesh and team - good work on engaging with BMTC. Keep going. It goes to show thatif you are willing tal sense and be organized, civic/sarkaari bodies will give you ears.

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hard to attend weekday - but a question list?

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 Maybe interested people could make a list of questions?  This will help Pathy sir and Naveen sir collect the required data though the meeting.

My key questions as follows.

(1) What is the scope of this project?

(2) Who are the folks involved, non govt and govt?

(3) Is there an allocation in the budget for the work being discussed, or a plan to include one in the future? By that I mean, is some arm of the government committing money for this.  That is the true test of whether something is implementable.

(4) Timelines?

(5) Where is authoritative data available?

(6) Will solid expertise be on board?  By that I mean, we are mostly not traffic/transportation experts.  Will somebody be providing that expertise?

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Congrats to Praja members

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This is great news! But I just visited BMTC site. It doesnt look any different to me :( Route system map still doesnt work. Location information of the buses still not integrated. Neverthless really kudos for being heard loud and clear. Atleast there is a start.

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BMTC Response

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Dear All,

Nice to hear from BMTC to involve Praja members going forward, but we need to be behind BMTC so that they don't forget Praja, It’s a usual practice of BMTC officials to ignore the public and implement their own plans for the reasons best known to them.

Lets get ready with the updated list of items to discuss with them. comment guidelines

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