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Volvo pass rate hike

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The volvo pass fare has been increased by 150 Rs and now pass costs 1800 for BMTC ID card holders. The pass price for Govt ID card holders is 1850. The minimum price i.e 10 Rs for two to four stages remains same. Eventhough BMTC has good profits prices are being hiked.


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weaker business case now

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Unless you have a direct route (single Vajra bus from near home to near office), the price hike makes the case weaker for Vajra/Volvos.

Let me provide some numbers from my commute. Koramangala/Jakaranda to Kodi Varthur.

  • Have to take Big-10 / 333E (regular) - 10 Rs
  • Then change to 500C till Sarjapur Road - 50 Rs
  • Then change to 342 variants (regular) - 10 Rs again

So total 70 Rs each way, take Rs 140. And time taken is 1 hour to 1 hour 10 minutes, mainly due to painful wait for 500c as they run more in the reverse direction (incoming to whitefield side in morning, outgoing towards silkboard in evening)

Distance from home to office is 16 Km. Car mileage 12. 1.33 Lts x 2 = 2.67 Lt petrol = Rs 200. Time taken = 35 to 55 minutes.

40% less time and convenience at 30% extra cost. I use Buses only 4-5 times a month, mainly to keep in touch with BMTC.

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Mr. Chidambaram may tax Volvo travellers :)

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Volvos have become so expensive and if Mr. Chidambaram knows that people pay so much money to travel in them, he might levy Super Rich Tax for the passengers. As SB says, car is cheaper and more beneficial as an individual if the distances are nearer. People travelling 20+ kms have no option but to bear the burnt or take ordinary buses or travel by bikes or car pool or take company vehicles.

Of all company buses are the best option except for their non-flexibility of timings.

Was thinking if multiple companies join in hand staying in the same campuses or nearby and run multiple schedules, it would be more beneficial without keeping BMTC in loop :)

ORRCA, Manyata etc run BMTC provided buses which is again expensive but not multiple trips and also not transparent. comment guidelines

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