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Fix the Big Circle buses

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Recently Nayandahalli railway underbridge opened completing the ring of Bangalore ring road. But the Big circle buses still continue to ply via kengeri which will reduce its usefulness drastically. There is quantum advantage of a city ring road and that is not leveraged by BMTC. I think on the east side Big circle buses ply via Kadugodi which is again a deviation.

After success of Big 10, this Big Circle buses would act as feeders to each other, but it is crippled by these deviations. There are K series Buses which ply on inner or intermediate ring road bypassing majestic, even thse can be renamed to say "small circle" branding which again will feed Big 10.


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We had a discussion here..

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We had a discussion here..

I urged Full Circle or atleast Semi Circle routes with a frequency is needed. Also, night service on ORR should be started. Big Circle Buses have now carrying same 500D / 500A passengers with different names as D1,D2,C1,C2 etc...

Kendriya Saarige with K1,K2 and K3 is a little value addition with new connectivity. BMTC can try Marcopolos for K1,K2 and K3. S1 and S2 with Marcopolos started and disappeared without publicity. Routing of S1 and S2 was good, but was causing competition to Volvos, hence the smart game of BMTC to discontinue it.


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Semi circle already

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There are already semi circle routes, but deviations need to be removed. Like deviation to Kengeri and Kadugodi(If it is there). Let them introduce new buses to those places but dont deviate the big circle buses. I dont think K series buses of not much use.

Or they can overlap Big circle routes a bit, say 5-6 stops overlap instead of discontinuing between C4 and C2.

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Thanks rackstar

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Thanks Rackstar. If they could add Volvo / Marcopolo A/C buses to these routes, it would be nice. Also they should run with a good frequency.

As suggested by everyone, it should take up the new route from Nayandahalli. New  small circle route between Kengeri - Nayandahalli - RingRoad route should be added.

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The above map lists only the

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The above map lists only the major routes-what about the variants of the above??


And also many routes have got changed now. C4 Kottigepalya to Marathahalli is now D6 Kengeri Satellite Town to Kadugodi. C1 is D5 as of now. Apart from that we have many other routes running in 500's that it has become tough to maintain a track of them. and many of them cut of the previous(Though it is required the cuts have become too frequent than the completes)-Just a jist of 500 series routes

500-Banashankari to Banashankari(Very rare)

500A-D5-Banashankari to Hebbal Via silk board(Frequent)

500D-xxx-Silk board to Hebbal(Very frequent)

500T-xxx-Marathahalli to Hebbal(Very frequent)

501-Banashankari to Banashankari(Very rare)

501A-C2-Banashankari to Hebbal via Kengeri(Frequent)

501C-C1-Kengeri to Hebbal via Nagarbhavi(Frequent)

502-D6-Kengeri Satellite Town to Kadugodi(average)

502A-xx-Kengeri Satellite Town to Marathahalli via Hebbal(Average)

500C-D3-Silk Board to K.R.Puram via Marathahalli and Ramamoorthynagar(Average)

500F-xxx-Silk Board to Kadugodi via Marathahalli and Varthoor Kodi(Average)

500N-D12-Banashankari to Tin Factory via Silk Board(Average)

500L-Silk Board to Tin Factory

See the number of duplicates above. Only 4 routes are fine-rest everything are just cut shortened routes running-and by the frequency you can make out the number of buses running on average Eg: For D5 to be frequent every 10 minutes and 500D to be frequent every 5 minutes once you require a minimum of 20+15 around 35 buses running on same route between Silk board and Hebbal. Seriously a excessive usage of buses on a particular route when the other routes are sufferring a hell. And apart from so many buses proper conectivity is missing on one side. Routes like 500AA(Yelahanka to K.R.Puram), 507(Snkadgatte to K.R.Puram) will lack buses and have poor frequency


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Big Circle - Too little frequency - Jantis reducing

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Big 10 had good frequency since there was a single route bus on Big 10 routes, whereas Big Circle types are many. I saw C6, C9 as well yesterday. I had to travel to Mysore, took D6 from Kattriguppe to Nayandahalli after waiting nearly 20 minutes. While returning back, I came by train and got down at Kengeri Station at evening 7. So many passengers were waiting to travel towards Banashankari, none of the Big Circle buses turned up almost 45 minutes. C9 turned up which ends at Kengeri itself.

This Big Circle buses have infact created problems, earlier we could easily get  501 based Jantis which travels upto Banashankari. Now, these buses are very less. Also, after the construction of TTMC at Kengeri, many buses end at Kengeri itself. From Kengeri, we don't get any new route towards Banashankari via Nayandahalli.

Instead of creating varieties of C series buses which earlier existed in the form of 500 and 501 series, Big Circle should confine only to 4 varieties and have good frequency atleast 10 minutes.



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rebranding 500 series

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All those which travel along ring road without deviations can be rebranded into Big circle buses with white colour. Most of the buses ss87 mentioned travel along ORR without any deviations, those buses can be repainted to make them Big circle buses.

Kengeri deviation is very costly affair esp after completion of link through Nayandahalli, it adds at least half an hour extra to your journey. Those who want to go to Kengeri can board a different route bus than making deviation to Big Circle buses from Banashankari to Tumkur road route. comment guidelines

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