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Illegal convoy cars use by Yeddyurappa

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A front page Bangalore Mirror report of 22nd Feb 2013 about Yeddyurappa reveals that he still manages to enjoy government convoy cars for which he was eligible only as a CM, This too along with government drivers, maintenance and fuel!

It’s been one and a half years since he stepped down as CM, but Yeddyurappa hasn’t given a thought to returning eight official vehicles that were part of his convoy. Meanwhile, he hasn’t let up on his broadsides against the government. 

Documents sourced by Bangalore Mirror from the city police reveal that eight vehicles (three Scorpios, three Gypsies, an Indigo and a Qualis) with drivers, attendants, unlimited access to diesel et al are at Yeddyurappa’s disposal 24x7. The irony is that this continuing largesse from the BJP government, at the tax-payer’s expense, is to a rebel who has broken away and floated his own political party. A senior police officer colorfully called the phenomenon “match-fixing between the ex-CM and the ruling establishment.

Click here for the Bangalore mirror report. [1]

How this kind of irregularity can possibly happen, without a colluding bureaucracy? The irony is this happens in spite his shifting allegiance from parent political body which is still in harness!

Picture 1 This picture is at the time he was the CM. I hope Bangalore mirror has enough evidence for backing their reporting. comment guidelines

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