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Videos on Garbage Recycling Technologies

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Handling the normal house hold garbage is not a herculian task as it is made out to be in our city of Bangalore.  If one looks at  how the problem is being tackled at various cities of the world we can be relived by the realization that it not that herculian after all!

If you need a calendar, please call 311. Provide your complete mailing address, including postal code and specify which calendar you need by checking your schedule below.

There are nine versions of the calendar reflecting different collection schedules. If you live in a house receiving daytime curbside collection, you can find your collection schedule using the maps below. A direct link will take you to your one-page collection schedule. If you receive night curbside collection or live above a store, you can find your schedule at Night Collection Calendar

For the Toronto Canada plan Click here [1]

Garbage recycling factory - Germany:

Here are some more video links of interest:-

  1. Philadelphia -  USA
  2. E waste Hell – Ghana Africa
  3. Electronic Trash Village China
  4. Dirty Secrets of Green River China
  5. Plastic Bags San hose USA
  6. Recycling Council – Ontario USA
  7. Glass Recycle
  8. Electronic Waste

Here in Bangalore hordes of Corporaters do visit the US but do little for our garbage management.


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BBMP site U tube

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If you go to the BBMP site you can view this video by Environment Support Group on garbage segregation: comment guidelines

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