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Refurbishing the BDA Park @ Ward-58 New Tipp Sandra

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Our MLA Shree Raghu has supported many maintenance works like

  1. Refurbishing the New Tipp Sandra  BDA park
  2. up gradation  Sewage Water Drains

In ward 58 whose corporater is Mrs Vijaykumar. The MLA has been wisely spending the funds provided in his MLA development fund. Here are some pictures taken today showing glimpses of the work about to be completed.

P1- the Fenced and widened walk Path

P2- Benches on SWD

P3- The Recreation Pedestal

P4- General View of Dual walk paths

P5- A poster


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Yet another spoil sport Sewage Water Drain

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The refurbishing work of the main park has progressed well. The storm water drains all round the park are almost complete, except some patches which are being progressed. However the Sewage water drain adjoining the drain has broken down.

P1 – Close up of the Over Spilling Sewage Water Drain

P2 – The Foot Path with the rogue Sewage water Drain 

P3 – Amount of Stagnating Sewage Water and the new Foot path.

This Sewage Water Drain spillage is a new one in addition to the one reffered in an earlier blog.

P4 - This spillage has been stopped now. Observe the cover had to be broken open. The cloged drain underneath looks to be cleared. However lot of mud is still left behind as of now.

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How badly it shows up

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One can imagine how bad any work with out due diligence can go. Now the drain is devoid of even the broken lid as sown in the above comment picture! Observe that the water is not flowing freely and piling up due to improper or no cleaning done. comment guidelines

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