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Anti corruption meet at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan a report

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The chief guest Justice Hegde arrived at 10:15 hrs well in time. The meeting started around 11:00 hrs, soon after the arrival of H. S. Doreswamy. Doreswamy the freedom fighter is 80 plus years of age. High courts advocate Ravi Kumar and Smt K Uma secretary, Karnataka Jana jagrity Abhiyan joined the other two on the dais. Many people from all parts of Karnataka including Gulbarga attended. These were mainly farmers. 

Mr. Divakar briefly introduced the Abhiyan as an organization for eradication of corruption, whose aim is to set an example to the nation. 

The Lokaukta said that he started as a “koopa Mandooka” at the time of assuming Lokaukta’s office. 

  • Cause and effects of corruption
  • All pervasive corruption
  • How intoxicating are the effects of indulging in it
  • How the freedom struggle of 10940s is being negated by us in the 65 yrs of free India 

He summed up saying when he was young 5 fingers were sufficient to count the corrupt. Now the same is true of honest people. Only 15% of Rs 30000 Crore Karnataka budget goes to the people etc. Summing up situation of our country can be compared to that of Libya if not contained now. He for one is for taking the Democratic route as opposed to that of Libya. Only way is to orchestrate corrupt thoughts and those who are thriving on it. He promised to join the movement after retirement. The others on the dais followed with the same thoughts to bring home the central issues of corruption.

Picture-1 H.S. Doreswamy Freedom Fighter  Picture-2 Hegde with Others


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Anticipation mounting about the fall of second wicket

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 After the First [Katta] wicket anticipation for the second [of CM] was rift at the meet yesterday. See today’s TOI report.

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A major boost in corruption

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A major boost in corruption is the internal migration. After migrating to the cities, the people have lost power. We are forced to tolerate injustices that we would not have tolerated in our native villages or towns. Those who have been in the city for long are not doing enough to fight corruption.

The claim that "corruption brings development" should be countered. It seems if you are corrupt, you are pro-development. The corruption used to be for illegal activities. Now even legal activities cannot be done without bribes. Attempts are made so that every body is part of corruption. Then nobody will oppose corruption because all  have taken part and feel guilty even though they have not participated wilfully.

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Corruption and definition

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 Most religious scriptures does not define corruption. When they were written there was no democracy. The loyalty to the kings is somehow not the same as duties of elected representatives and government employees. So the religious people may not feel a guilt about corruption or paying bribes because there is no quotation from the religious books explicitly forbidding corruption.

Corruption at the top creates indiscipline at the bottom and the quality of work at the lower level declines.

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Corruption and religion

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Corruption suggests in general, decaying and or rotting of anything like fruits or a system of governance. In computers if a disk is corrupt we cannot decipher what it contains, in a normal way. In to day’s context, normal intelligent person need not take recourse to religion for simple matters like corruption. Religion does not and should not take precedence over legislation in a democratic set up, where a Social order is built on proper legislation and governance for larger good.

A human being sitting at top of the chain of evolution need not take recourse to what is written in scriptures. Religion is there to obtain peace of mind for leading a normal peaceful life and definitely not to be corrupt for personal gains.

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Some black myths about Indians’ black money holdings!

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Dev Kar, lead economist at the Global Financial Integrity (GFI), a policy advocacy group working to curtail cross-border flow of illegal money, reasons that for policy discussions to be sharply focussed on curtailing the generation and transmission of illicit capital, these myths should be dispelled.

“We find media reports floated by some academics that Indian nationals hold around $1.4 trillion in illicit external assets to be wildly exagerrated,” notes Kar. The back-of-the-envelope method used to derive the $1.4 trillion figure is deeply flawed, he adds.

That figure was arrived at by extrapolating GFI’s estimated average illicit outflows over the period 2002-06 — which was $22.7 billion per year — and multiplying it by 61 (for the number of years from independence to 2008).

It is erroneous, reasons Kar, to apply annual averages to a long-time series particularly when illicit flows fluctuate sharply from year to year. Indicatively, India’s GDP from 1950 to 55 was slightly less than $22 billion a year, which would imply that more than 100% of GDP was transferred out as black money during that period, which is an “absurd proposition”.

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