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The international effluent trade

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 Is it so easy to dump harmful chemicals in our country especially in our city of Bangalore? About 40 Barrels of unknown chemical were dumped at vacant railway yard near the slums of Okalipuram supposedly on Monday night. We seem to be totally unaware and un prepared for such exigencies. The TOI report suggested this confusion. Even today the front page story is a picture of prevailing confusion in the city administration.

The following story on page two is alarming. 

“Effluent Trade Thrives in India:- The international effluent trade, where developed countries dump their effluents in other countries, especially Third World ones, taking advantage of free trade, is a thriving business. What is challenging is the disposal of this hazardous waste, and it also costs a lot."


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The Appeal by John Grisham

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 Though a hard-hitting fiction, the book is a food for thought. It shows that the all familiar human greed is powerful enough in blinding the falsely ambitious to ghastly crimes on humanity. "The appeal" is a book that shows how far human greed can can travel without a proper value system.

“Building a remarkable degree of suspense into the all too familiar ploys described here, Mr. Grisham delivers his savviest book in years. His extended vacation from hard-hitting fiction is over. However passionately he cared about the nonfiction events he described in “An Innocent Man,” his strong suit remains bluntly manipulative, no-frills storytelling, the kind that brings out his great skill as a puppeteer. It barely matters that the characters in “The Appeal” are essentially stick figures. What works for Mr. Grisham is his patient, lawyerly, inexorable way of dramatizing urgent moral issues.

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Effluent Trade

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Dear PSA garu,

While I agree that there is a lot of murky business going on with regard to disposal of toxic effluents, I think it is dangerous to believe in media supported belief that International companies are the only culprit. I think there was also a needle of suspicion pointed to some Hassan based pharmaceutical company dumping their waste at Okilapuram slums.

The solution as always, appears to be more vigilant citizenry. Whether it is "x" or "y" company dumping toxic effluents, we as citizens directly affected by such vandalism, must ensure the guilty are caught and exemplary punishment given by the authorities.

Your review of John Grisham's book "The Appeal" is fascinating and I will definitely try and get a copy to read it.

A very Happy New Year to all Prajagalus!




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The present situation is not acceptable

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 Chari sir,

The media is there to report the daily happenings. Their role is crucial in any democratic setup. They have to keep their share of the competitive market to survive. However the main issues are 

  1. The local Chemical Industries are already on the scanner.
  2. The police should try and trace the culprits.
  3. All pervading corruption
  4. Corrupt social fabric 

Any chemical industry has to be cleared from the dangerous effluents angle before approval. There are set procedures for according approval. This has been discussed earlier. comment guidelines

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