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new traffic complaint website

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Recently I came across this website which was started by engineers. This website is called where-in we can complain about any kind of traffic voilations of any vehicle types.I felt it would be a good idea to share this information.moreover tthis website is accessible to regional RTO's and necessary action can be taken.Please post you thoughts and any suggestions for improvements can be provided.




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resolution rate

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Noble effort, I support all kinds of complaint sites which close the loop on resolution from govt. So statistics on the front page on number of complaints resolved against those raised will be a good thing to add to the front page of the site. That can singlehandedly change the value of the site.

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I agree

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 When I opened this site, most of the complaints show as "Submission Completed". I did not see even a single complaint in resolved. Is there some other way to check stats?

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lethargic behaviour

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Yes even I see that there are no stats or resolution. According to creators of the website they say that once the complaint is logged its the duty of regional RTO office to update the ticket. Its just the lethargic / chalta hai attitude of the  people. We are like is goin on lets carry on mentality we have...



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