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Nadaprabhu Kempegowda International Airport


Hello friends am back after a very long break from praja.
I will be sharing some pictures from the inaugural function of the expanded terminal at Bengaluru.
Now called Nadaprabhu Kempegowda International Airport

Elitist infra projects - BETL


Being elitist may never payoff and more so if you you have an elitist attitude towards Infrastructure projects

On August 23, 2010, I was driving back from Madurai and took the Elevated Road that links E City to Silk board jn. Envisioned and supported by IT giants.

Peace March, Bangalore: A Report

Media fuels a Louder voice that calls for War on terrorThis morning I got this email fwd from a friend in the US, calling citizens to gather at cubbon park,  and express their feeling with the terror attacks in Mumbai. Yes, the past few days I have been tracking this news across the prominent national TV channels. My blood boils, my heart broke on seeing the the Taj Palace burn.

How to make citizens follow rules.

On Several threads i have been noticing each time there has been a reference of law enforcement or regulation some one or the other comes around and tells us stories about how regulation and laws are not going to work. (sigh!)
Look here, we are a part of the same system that you are complaining about.

Footpaths upgraded but width reduced

InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

I live in Kumarapark (BBMP Ward No 77) and i was initially pleased to see the footpaths getting a face lift. Yes Serpentine road is having spanking new machine finished granite slabs to cover the drain and make for the footpath.

Traffic finally flows across CBI Jn Magic Box


Finally The CBI Jn seems to be open to public, Not sure if some lessons have been learnt... There is no tar on the road still! Its got this "super rubble" finish that tests out vehicle road fitness!!!

How to make NH7 Safer


I had the opportunity to drive down NH7 to the BIA last evening and again this morning. Some of the things that immediately struck me was that Yesterday, the taxis were driving at more reasonable speeds and why? At critical sections of the road there were these "interceptor" vehicles equipped with radar speed guns and were fining offenders on the spot.

I think that this definitely puts the fear into the drivers and will behave? Good going Bangalore Police may you be empowered further :-)

How Industry can help reduce traffic congestion

TrafficPublic Transport
With the rising cost of fuels and the congestion on the roads one would hate to drive but as work demands we grind our teeth and just pull along. How long is this going to work? I have a friend in the IT Industry, His job is mostly at client locations and currently rides a 2 wheeler. His company offered him a hike of 15K if he moved to a car. Ouch!

BIAL's soft opening - photos!

Update @ 2115 hrs;-

BDA Junction - now open!


Posting this on behalf of Photoyogi, he is at BDA junction right now, watching temporary traffic chaos live as the magic box there has just now been opened to public. First reports indicate that due to lack of clear communication on new traffic routing plan (see this recent post that has the new plan), folks are struggling to find their way around. Please tell your journalist friends to carry the new route map sketched here earlier in tomorrow's papers so that the chaos can ease.

BDA Junction Revisit -- Set to open on 21/05/2008 - Traffic Flow Details

The BDA Junction is all set to be open to the public on Wednesday 21st May 2008. Here are some photo updates at the junction.

"Magic" Mistakes Done .. BBMP must think and step forward

First it was Cauvery Jn : With the narrow underpass, buses or slightly larger vehicles "are" passing through it, but the drivers have to slow down to make sure they don't damage the vehicles. There by slowing all the traffic behind. It was after this, even the BBMP seems to agree that it could have been wider.

Anand Nagar MagicBox

Yesterday while I drove down RT Nagar - Anandnagar I noticed that the service road is almost complete and the magic boxes are in place too. However I did find the boxes much narrow. Does any one have the sketch / model of this junction with dimentions? It looks to me like a bottle neck for Anandnagar residents.
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