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Malathahalli Lake - Flushed out - Now a dry lake

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Hi Prajas,

I stay in Malathahalli , especially close to Malathahalli Lake  When we moved in to this location, we really liked it as it was very calm, a perfect place to live amid nature, a lake close by and lot of trees. The lake was streching upto 7 acres ..

Unfortunately this was a short lived paradise, as i see that the authoriities have forcibly removed the water from the lake and now its a dry land. Upon enquiry, I was told that the BDA has taken-up this project and that would re-create a mini lalbagh and that they would introduce boating etc etc..

What I am worried about is that the water condition in the state is pathetic and if they forcibly dry out a natural lake then what.. Recently there was an artilce in Deccan Herald about the city bore-wells are drying up...

I am not sure if this information is true, however some activity is being conducted. Can you please if anyone who is reading this post have insight to this piece of activity. Thank you in anticipation.

Kind Regards,




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lake beautification

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The current modus operandi under the funds provided to BBMP and BDA (lakes are divided between the two) is to empty the lake, scrape the bottom, remove silt with a backhoe and then to build a track and fence around the lake.  There is also talk of boating and engineered wetlands to clean the sewage in the water entering, but not sure how much of that is being designed into the project.,

My local Chinnapanahalli lake was also beautified.  I will walk over this weekend and take a look and post findings here. 

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Dear Neeyathi I am trainee

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Dear Neeyathi

I am trainee journalist. I am willing to know more on the subject which you have mentioned.. Is there any way I can talk to you?

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Sanjay Can you tell more

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Can you tell more about beautification of the Chinnapanahalli lake. Do you think its effective. When was it done?

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searched govt websites

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Went to our custom search engine here ( that searches through a big list of sarkaari websites.

In here, searched for "Mallathahalli lake" (notice mallat ... and not malat .., official spelling has double l).

Found a few results

  1. BDA's 2009-2010 budget has some money sanctioned for this lake (http://www.bdabangalore.o...)
  2. IISc's website has some technical data on water in this lake (http://wgbis.ces.iisc.ern..., http://www.ldakarnataka.c...)

I would say just call BDA, and ask for details of the project planned for this lake. comment guidelines

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