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SAFAL- Nandini (Nagarabhavi Outlet) Why charge for the application form?

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Dear Prajas,

All malls have started this practice of issuing membership cards to enthusiastic customers - way of marketing strategy. Star Bazaar issues these membership cards at free of cost, likewise Reliance.

Bangalore - a vanishing act of 25paise/50 paise in circulation?


Dear Readers, have you noticed when you go shopping for groceries/ or hire an auto- you face the problem of paying the exact amount. More often than not you pay-up extra. The amount un-mindful of the other party in picture, the billing agent or the autowallah rounds of the figure to the next rupee.- Say if your grocery bill has come up to 100.78 paise- she /he says 101Rs.

Drive against Hoardings- Birdthday wishes etc - misuse of tax money by BBMP

Hi Folks, Hoardings on Birthday anniversaries greetings of an MLA or a corporator has become rampant oflate. It looks very ugly and disalarming that no action has been taken up either by High court or no move has been addressed to stop such practise. Instead of wasting our tax money on such useless purpose, why cannot they be properly managed in providing basic civic amenties.

Callous Attittude of BMTC Authorities - No ownership of work -highly deplorable.

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Hi Prajas,

The BMTC bus fares have been hiked... and the monthly pass with the new revised rates have still not reached the pass-counters be it at BMTC major bus-stands (Majestic,Shivajinagar, KR Market) leave alone other bus-depots.

Malathahalli Lake - Flushed out - Now a dry lake


Hi Prajas,

I stay in Malathahalli , especially close to Malathahalli Lake  When we moved in to this location, we really liked it as it was very calm, a perfect place to live amid nature, a lake close by and lot of trees. The lake was streching upto 7 acres ..

Unfortunately this was a short lived paradise, as i see that the authoriities have forcibly removed the water from the lake and now its a dry land. Upon enquiry, I was told that the BDA has taken-up this project and that would re-create a mini lalbagh and that they would introduce boating etc etc..

What I am worried about is that the water condition in the state is pathetic and if they forcibly dry out a natural lake then what.. Recently there was an artilce in Deccan Herald about the city bore-wells are drying up...

I am not sure if this information is true, however some activity is being conducted. Can you please if anyone who is reading this post have insight to this piece of activity. Thank you in anticipation.

Kind Regards,



Drive against high-beams (headlights)


Hi Prajas, with the increase in number of vehicles plying on the road, it is becoming very difficult for people of all age groups to walk safely on the road. Congestion, whilst speeding vehices at times no traffic sense is adding woes to the pedestrian. Another thing that has gone un-noticed is that the head-lights of vehicles are run with high-beams.

BMTC-improving the services/facilities- relying on Public Transport

Metro RailBusPublic Transport

Hi Prajas,

A question that I often ask is 'Did Bangalore really need a metro'? Could we not have efffectively managed the BMTC/KSRTC bus-services.

Drought/Famine - The comman man cannot escape this

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A topic least thought that could be discussed online!

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