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Moral Policing - or talibanisation?

In case you have missed it on the news, here is a complete report.

Petrol goes down - where do we go?

Its all over the news, Petrol Price is down by 5 Diesel by 2. Expect a rush at all bunks tomorrow.

BIAS Routes and Frequency - suggestions

Public Transport

The BIAS services (Vaayu Vajras) are Bleeding! Only 1 out of every 4 busses on route Nos. 3 & 4 are even close to half full. I have seen a lot of the busses running almost empty. The return journeys seem to be faring better.

The reasons for this could be the following

Public Transport and Local Language (BMTC)

Public Transport

I'm sorry but Mr Murali's post on Autos seems to have diverted way beyond scope. Hence we now have two parallel topics running in the same post. Let us bring one here.

How important is to have Multi lingual Bus Boards? Can we do with just addressing the needs of the "local" population? How do we create a universal transport system.

Decongesting CBD

Public Transport
As we see in other cities across the world, the Central Business District is always the most congested area. Hence many schemes have been introduced such as Congestion Tax, Pay and Park/Ride..etc

Metro Rail - A Bad Move?

Metro RailPublic Transport

This mornings paper confirmed my apprehensions of the Metro Project.

It is really sad to see this shuffling around of people every year almost. A new chief will have to start from scratch again. bring in his own ideas and his own theories which slow down the project.

BMTC – Zones and Routes

Metro RailPublic Transport

This is not a solution but an attempt to spark off a debate to create a solution

I have tried to work out a method to organize bus travel within Bangalore. The inspiration for this started from London’s Underground – which is based on the concept of zones and lines. I have illustrated my idea of how Bangalore can be divided. It is a combination of the “Spoke” and the “Zone” concept.

Firstly I have divided Bangalore into Zones. Each zone will have one TTMC. See Fig 1 (Click to see original)

BMTC busses on the Tarmac

AviationPublic Transport

BMTC and Airindia SATS/Air Deccan have tied up at BIAL to ferry passengers in the Low Floor Red Volvos from the gates to the airplane. I don't get it! The volvos in the city are going packed, the frequency is less than what i can/should be - why can't these busses run on the road instead. To me these busses are a much needed addition to the existing public transport. For the 2 Min ride from the Gate to the Plane, we dont need to use this "fancy" bus! Or we can get a Sutlej or a Tata-Globus/eicher/swaraj mazda for the airport!

Parking: A door waiting to be opened

It’s often a Bangalorean’s worst nightmare on the road – to find a parking spot! It’s sometimes almost unreal and unbelievable when you come across an empty one!

Questions for BIAL (The first List)

I have compiled the list of questions. As predicted there are LOTS! Practically I dont think BIAL will have the time to answer each and every one of them! After a point they would care too much about doing so. I suggest we condensing it by trying to answer them ourselves. If it is still not a convincing answer then we can go ahead with it.

TOI Unlock Bangalore Event - Learnings

Public Transport
As you all might have read in the papers, TOI had an Unlock Bangalore event at The Leela on March 28th 2008. Many say the event was merely a publicity stunt (as no other paper was allowed inside), but even so the secondary results were fruitful.
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