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Workshop on Budgeting

Citizen's Action Forum (CAF), in association with Centre for Public Policy, IIM [B], KKNSS & Bangalore Chamber of Industry & Commerce (BCIC), is holding a one-day workshop on

Citizen's Participation, Transparency, and Accountability in Budgeting

on Saturday, Mar 22, at 9.30 AM at Senate Hall, Central College.

You are all cordially invited to attend and participate and contribute your valuable inputs for this program.

Urban Transport in India : Beyond the Nano and Metro… and back to basics

TrafficPublic Transport

Bangalore International Centre is happy to announce that it has arranged a Talk on "Urban Transport in India : Beyond the Nano and Metro… and back to the Basics" on Friday, the 14th March, 2008 at 6.30 PM at our Auditorium.

Prof. Madhav Badami, who is a Professor in the School of Urban Planning and McGill School of Environment, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, will deliver the talk on the subject.

BESCOM - Customers' day - Sat, 15th March


Dear Friends,

Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM), Public Affairs Centre, Swabhimana and Consumer Advocacy, KERC are pleased to invite you for a workshop on Customer Care to commemorate World Customers' Day.

those were the days, my friend!

If you want things as in the golden days of yore, leave them be in the hands of the government - that is, subscribe to ‘Socialism’.

One may further argue as to why complicate life even to the extent it was during the golden era - why not go back to the caves? Yes, indeed, how romantic an idea!

Land acquisition in North Bangalore for infrastructure development - interaction session - Sat, 1st March

CIVIC Bangalore


North Bangalore Citizens' Association(NBCA)

have great pleasure in inviting you to an interactive session on

"Land acquisition in North Bangalore for infrastructure development"

Mr. V. Balasubramaniam, IAS (Retd.),
Advisor, A. T. Ramaswamy Committee

5-day week can save govt Rs 960 cr pa

Rs 960 crore per annum. That's the estimated savings if state government offices across Karnataka switch over to a five-day week. And that savings could be used to construct 30 flyovers, each estimated at Rs 32 crore.

vote our man to Lead India

An analysis of the public voting (through SMS) pattern, after each of the rounds, shows that whereas the competitor (Mr Nanavati from Ahmedabad) has always had over 80% support from his home state, our very own Mr R K Misra has had consistently less than 50% support from his home state. As such, folks, if there's one factor that's working against our man, it's the apathy of his own people.

greening of Paris

TrafficPublic Transport
As Asian cities demonstrate their development through an extensive network of expressways and flyovers, Paris, recipient of the World Sustainable Transportation Award, shows the way forward to making our cities more livable…

Judicial reforms

While the Karnataka High Court is to be commended for its efforts in introducing innovations like ‘mediation’, a question that arises is why is it not doing certain simple things that can earn it considerable goodwill from the litigants.

Bangaloreing voters' list review

I was quite excited to read the caption 'Voters' list review Bangalored' in your columns this morning (23rd Jan). However, on going through the text, I was disappointed to find that what was proposed hardly amounted to 'Bangaloreing', going by the general understanding of the term.

Rash driving - a policing issue

Public Transport
Rash driving is essentially a policing issue. And, in this aspect, our BMTC drivers can give any call centre vehicle driver a run for his money alright. In fact, not a single day passes in Bangalore without some report or the other about rash driving by BMTC drivers, very often including fatalities. Even yesterday’s and today’s papers are full of the gory details.

missing the point

TrafficPublic Transport

Last evening, I happened to watch the ‘Devil’s Advocate’ programme on CNN-IBN, where Karan Thapar was interviewing Sunita Narayan (of CSE). The subject of discussion was TATA motor’s NANO. And, contrary to the norm, both were generally agreed on many of the points that came up.

Mediation: A success story in Judicial Reform

Public Affairs Centre is pleased to invite you to the Annual Public Affairs Lecture titled " Mediation: A Success Story in Judicial Reform" to be delivered by Shri Justice Cyriac Joseph, Hon'ble Chief Justice of the High Court of Karnataka as per details given below: Date: Tuesday, 22nd January 2008 Time: 5.30 p.m. Venue: Rotary House of Friendship 20, Lavelle Road

Indore buses: sure better than Bangalore, but not good enough!

Public Transport

I am referring to the Indore bus services, which has been touted by many as the World's best public-private bus partnership - Indore. I had raised a few questions about the Indore model, vide my posting under the caption ‘better bussing’ on 22nd Dec, ’07.

Subsequently, I had attended the seminar on ‘Effective Traffic Management’ convened jointly by the DPAR and Centre for Public Policy, IIM, Bangalore, at the Vikas Soudha on the 4th Jan, at which a presentation was made by Mr Shukla from Indore (he had come in place of Mr Vivek Agarwal, IAS, Dist Magistrate, who had conceived the entire scheme and who was originally supposed to come), and the answers to the questions I had raised became more or less clear, based on which I have drawn my conclusions.

less government

Economic Times has invited its readers to state what their dream for the state would be. My response was that I dream of a state with the babudom reduced to such an extent that half of Vidhan Soudha (and, of course, the entire Vikas Soudha) itself gets rented out.

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