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Bus services - a different approach

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"Vayu Vajra I am told is very convenient - for 150 rupees - starts from Aishwarya stores - supposed to be at every half an hour - but that's not the case. I was told today morning that they have one at 3.40pm but when I reached I realised it got cancelled and the next one was only at 6.40 PM.

Luckily, they had this cheaper alternative called 'Suvarna' for 80 rupees at 3.50 PM and I am now on my way!! The driver fellow has promised to reach in 90 minutes - but I doubt it; since he is stopping at every stop shouting airport airport airport airport..... ."

Imperatives of privatisation of power distribution


The World Customers' Day was observed by BESCOM in its usual ritualistic style on Saturday, the 15th March by holding a workshop on 'Customer Care', in association with Public Affairs Centre (PAC), Swabhimana, Consumer Advocacy, and Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC). Of the audience of a 100 odd people, only some 30 were members of Civil Society groups (RWA's, etc), the rest comprising mostly of BESCOM officials. Seeing this, the chief guest, Dr Samuel Paul, Chairman, PAC, remarked that the poor turn out was perhaps an indication of the high level of satisfaction with BESCOM services.

organised retail

The ICRIER survey on the question of 'entry of organised sector into retail' has found that producers and consumers also gain considerably. It further noted that all income groups saved on costs through organised retail purchases, but lower income groups saved much more.

Precarious supply-side scenario

With the oil and gas prices having risen to exorbitant levels, and thermal power generation posing serious challenges with regard to issues like carbon emission, technologies which were earlier considered uneconomical, are beginning to be re-visited. One such possibilty is discussed here. India is perhaps better placed to take it forward faster.

UP state - Road to prosperity

Public Transport

Road to Prosperity - UP offers investment opportunities in Transport Sector.

That's the caption to the half page ad by the Transport Commissioner, UP, in today's leading newspapers (page 15, TOI).

Salient points (as appearing in the ad), and my comments are as below:

No appreciation of 74th amendment

Considering that this was the Assembly election, I had listed what I had called as 'manifesto points' (see this blog of mine) and forwarded them to many NGO's and RWA's for inclusion in their respective lists. The article linked here on CitizenMatters also brings this out clearly. However, this whole election has willy-nilly become more 'Vote Bengaluru' than 'Vote Karnataka'.

Subversion of democratic process

The SEC/ NIC/ BBMP combo, entrusted with the job of preparation and maintenance of the electoral rolls and issual of the EPID cards, has once again proved itself unequal to the task. The resulting inaccuracy levels of the order of over 50% across the state, is causing serious subversion of the democratic process.

Kasturi Rangan Committee Report

CIVIC Bangalore
has great pleasure in inviting you to a public interaction on the

Kasturirangan Committee Report
on a new governance structure for Bangalore & Manifestos of political parties on Bangalore

Dr. A. Ravindra, (Retd.) IAS

Policing the Police


I was on my daily dinner routine. Happened to see this on-duty police person walking out of his official patrol van called ‘Hoysala'. He walked up to the cashier of this local restaurant, grabbed some money, and was matter-of-factly walking back. Not that this was the first time I saw such a thing - but, I don't know what became of me (perhaps Bollywood effect?).

Manifesto points

The Times of India has invited the Civil Society to send points to be raised under their 'Bangalore Asks Candidates' programme. My list would read as below:

Muralidhar Rao

Veritable death-traps

The report about the car crash in Krishnagiri (on the Bangalore-Chennai express-way) resulting in the death of two young men, and serious injuries to a young lady, published in your columns on the 29th, under the caption 'car did 90 km in one hour', made extremely sad reading.

Protest against Error-ridden Voters' list - 31st March

Vote Bengaluru protests against error-ridden electoral rolls in Bangalore

Date: Monday, 31st March 2008
Venue: Mahathma Gandhi Statue, M.G. Road
Time: 10.30 AM to 12.00 noo

All are welcome. Please come in large numbers.

Dear friends,

CVS - return to Inspector Raaj

When a tax computation system changes, citizens are naturally apprehensive. This is currently the case with the proposed introduction of Capital Value Scheme (CVS) for property tax in Bangalore as mandated in the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act. This changes the widely welcomed Self Assessment Scheme (SAS) that has been in operation since 2000.

Harnessing a scarce resource

Governor Rameshwar Thakur's call for constituting a 'Water Resources Regulatory Authority', vide the report in your columns on 26th March under the caption 'PPP can be answer to water scarcity', has not come a day too soon.

Dependability of BMTC in question

Public Transport
Within the same week, there have been two instances of BMTC buses being involved in serious crashes, supposedly due to 'brake failure'. In one, the conductor died, even as many were injured, and quite seriously too, in both.
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