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Tree vandalisation, suspect - Lifestyle

Malls are a reality in today's world, whether one is prepared to accept them or not. While the main grouse against them is that they cause severe congestion, particularly when located at already busy traffic junctions without sufficient attention having been paid to channelise the increased traffic flow, there would, on the other hand, certainly be a fairly large section of the local population who welcome their presence in such close proximity. The Oasis mall in Koramangala is one such, about which debates on similar lines can go on endlessly.

CAF's Position on Capital Value System

CAF (Citizen's Action Forum)'s position on CVS being presented at the meeting with RWA's convened by the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Tuesday, the 15th July, '08 (9AM to 1.30PM) at the Ravindra Kalakshetra, J C Road, Bengaluru.

CAF's position on CVS


Noise Pollution

Noise the silent killer and stress booster should be controlled. The awareness about honking/ horning and its effect on us should be made to our urban masses. Can we start a campaign that one day in a week say Wednesday is a silent day? Recently there was 'a' silent day in Mumbai and they have not pursued it further. We can make bumper stickers stating ' I don't honk on Wednesday'. I am adding my friend's views about this issue.

Why retain Kannada numerals?

While the use of the Kannada script (but not on number-plates) does certainly contribute to the propagation of the language and thereby the culture, the numerals do not serve any such purpose at all. The regular 1,2,3 can as well be read ondu, eradu, mooru, so on, without in any way diluting the purity of the language, but in many ways simplifying life, particularly for the non-Kannadiga's who then have only to grapple with the jalebi's, the prospect of which is less intimidating.

Stake-less stake-holders


One significant drop out from the list of 'stake-holders', compared to the BATF days is Bangalore Telephones.

Shrine entrepreneurship


Jun08 033If any one can do anything about this menace, it is the BJP government.

Privatisation of Lakes:


The 'Hasiru Usiru', along with a few other organisations, is organising a human chain to "Protect Our Lakes for Posterity" on Sunday, the 22nd June, at Agara lake, Koramangala.

Even with my not being against the Hebbal lake 'maintenance arrangement'(with the Oberoi's), I have signed their online petition, because I am dead against the Nagavara and Agara deals.

Reclaiming footpaths

Pedestrian Infrastructure
The right of the pedestrian to use the pavements unhindered is sacrosanct which has been repeatedly echoed even by the highest court of the land. But lower courts grant stay orders whenever attempts are made (though half heartedly) to remove the footpath hawkers. These stay orders go unchallenged effectively.

Harnessing the Desert Sun

A tiny fraction of the sun's energy that shines upon the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East could meet all of Europe 's electricity demands. The technology to harness the energy already exists.

Likewise, entire Karnataka's energy needs can be met by a similar plant at Gulbarga or Raichur, or one in Rajasthan through a consortium involving other states.

Auto's - good, bad, or ugly?

Public Transport

Auto's, by virtue of their easy maneuverability, are easily the biggest menace on the city roads, and the cause of all the chaos on them. Their de-merits as a public transport vehicle far out-weigh their merits.

Mail exchanges (between 10th June and today) in a Yahoogroup.

Finland's pride - our future model?

The Finnish parliament voted to build OL3 (Nuclear plant) in 2002, in a decision seen as revolutionary in a Europe that had built no new nuclear plants since the 1986 Chernobyl accident and where opposition to nuclear power has traditionally been fierce.

Post-chauvinist trends?

Few things in my cricket-watching experience have been as enthralling as the same Eden Gardens crowd, 100,000 strong, roaring in support as Shoaib Akhtar came steaming in on his debut for Kolkata against Delhi. The sight of a Pakistani fast bowler being cheered by an Indian crowd as he demolished the likes of Sehwag and Gambhir - - -

Private colleges

The latest 'India Today' ranking of the top engg colleges in the country places Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) at no 10, the highest amongst all the private engg colleges, and higher than quite a few NITs. Amongst the Bangalore city colleges, only M S Ramaiah College of Engg figures in the list at no 21.

Education's loss is call centres' gain

Being an MBA graduate with a PhD, Ravichandran who handles classes for MBA students at Madurai Kamaraj University in Tamil Nadu, says he earns Rs 40,000 per month after 20 years of experience. "But my student who did an MBA course last year, already earns about Rs 10,000 more than me", he says. He said only 5 per cent graduates from these streams opt for teaching.

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