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Why it's difficult for me to consider voting for Congress


The secret owners of the secreted monies operate in secrecy — venal businessmen, corrupt politicians, public servants, drug lords, and criminal gangs like the D-company. The slush monies are the financial RDX for terror, besides weapons of mass destruction of national and global finance. That there is secret money is no more a secret. Only the amounts and persons are secret.

Why I may want to vote for BJP this time


"I want to say that if NDA (BJP-led National Democratic Alliance) is voted to power, we will pursue this issue at legal and executive level and force Indian citizens to bring back their wealth to the country," Advani said, citing the "crusade" by western countries against tax havens provided by Swiss banks.

Great grand-mother of all scams


The poll-eve race among political parties to promise foodgrains at cheap rates to poor people, when implemented, is counter-productive, warns the Justice D P Wadhwa Committee in its report submitted to the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Retail chains - good or bad?

Are hawkers losing out to corporate and chain stores? India FDI Watch and Action Aid, which studied the immediate and future impact of corporate and chain retails on hawkers, showed that hawkers' business is declining in areas of Bangalore they surveyed.

BMTC buses on traffic police radar

The BMTC is ending up filling the Bangalore City Traffic Police’s coffer. In February 2009, the traffic police has collected Rs 3.17 lakh for various traffic violations involving BMTC buses.

Voter Harassment Centres

I am really disgusted with the month-long running around I have had to do. You are almost tempted to exclaim, as one 70-year-old gentleman in front of us did, "If this is what I have to undergo to register...and then vote for some rowdy-sheeter who is standing for election to make money, why should I bother? "...and go home.....

State gets its ‘act’ together, hopefully


After an interminably long sitting on tabling of the Karnataka Police Act for more than a year, the state government has decided to implement the Act through an executive order to avoid a possible embarrassment when the monitoring committee set up by the Apex Court would come for a visit later this month.

Plain high-handedness


First they were arrested for the mere offence of partying in a farmhouse and put in jail. Then they were accused of consuming drugs without any trace of evidence. But their woes did not end there. Even though 58 of the 101 persons were granted bail on Monday, they could not walk out of the jail due to procedural issues.

No shrines on public sites, HC tells govt

The high court on Friday said no church, temple or masjid should exist in public sites and asked the state government to come out with a uniform stand within two weeks. It asked the government what action it proposes to take about places of worship encroaching upon civic amenity sites and other public properties.

KSRTC’s profits are all blown up: CAG


The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) overstated profits by a total of Rs 126.42 crore in 2007-08, says the report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) for the year. KSRTC, in its accounts earlier, had shown a profit Rs 40.54 crore in 2007-08. This means the KSRTC had actually incurred a loss of Rs 85.88 crore in 2007-08.

Bescom ordered to pay Rs-50 compensation for long outage


Consumer power rests on knowing your rights. You may remember cursing Bescom when there was a 21-hour power outage on April 29 and 30 last year. But this 73-year-old man did something more - he found out there is a provision for consumers to get compensation if power supply is interrupted beyond certain hours.

Miscarriage of justice


Whereas the magistrate should have been pulling up the police for not charging the perpetrators of the violent incidents targeted at women under more stringent sections, it is totally shocking that he has instead chosen to direct the police to register an FIR against Ms Renuka Chowdhry, and all just for stating that "Mangalore has been Talibanised".

Face up to the goons!

This shocking, yet at some level encouraging, tale is reported by a friend who knows Sugata Chatterjee the rapporteur of this shocker...Boohoo to ramsene and ... their ilk. Down with obscuranist politicians and moral police, 3 cheers to sugata Chatterjee for standing up.

A case of wrong fining


My wife received a challan by post a few days back for "holding/ using a mobile phone while driving" asking to pay up Rs 100/- fine as per Sec 230(A) KMV rules R/W 177 IMV. The incident was supposed to have happened at 9.40 hrs on Monday, 19th Jan, at Rajajinagara Entrance Circle.

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