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Can we leave the decision of how our public spaces should evolve just to politicians?

For those dazzled by the Palika Bazaar in New Delhi, the-re's something to look forward to right here. BBMP is mulling over the construction of a similar bazaar below Freedom Park. The underground Palika Bazaar impressed mayor D Venkatesh Murthy who visited the place on May 19.

Over-milking the holy cows

If the statue (Ambedkar) is not shifted, the TBMs will have to be dismantled again at Vidhana Soudha station, towards the Vikasa Soudha gate, and parts have to be taken by shafts and launched from General Post Office end; the distance between these two stations being only a few meters would mean time and cost overrun.

Revised Master Plan - 2035

Urban Development

The Karnataka High Court had, on 25th Jan this year, issued an interim order staying further construction of commercial buildings in residential zones in Bangalore (check here), pursuant to this PIL filed

Is there a connect between Transport minister's plans and TAC's plans?


BMTC will soon be building close to 50 new bus stands at various points in the city which will offer state-of-the-art facilities like bus bays, canteen and waiting halls along with commercial space.

Flip-side of nuclear-free power


The Fukushima crisis is eroding years of Japanese efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as power plants running on oil and natural gas fill the electricity gap left by now-shuttered nuclear reactors. Before last year's crisis, Japan had planned to meet its carbon emissions reduction targets on the assumption that it would rely on nuclear power, a low-emissions source of energy.

Kannadiga's deprived of "Satyameva Jayate" viewing

Praising Aamir Khan for his maiden television show Satyameva Jayate, Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray lambasted Karnataka for banning the dubbed telecast of the show in the state.

And now, an award for (hold your breath!) TTMCs


State held Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has bagged a national award constituted by the Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd (HUDCO). The award recognizes BMTC's initiative of constructing ten Traffic and Transit Management Centres (TTMCs') in and around Bangalore.

Finland's schooling success story

Excerpts from the article by Anu Partanen in the Atlantic:

Foreign funding of NGO's

With reference to a certain context, a debate got started on the Hasiru Usiru Yahoo-group on the above subject, which I thought called for a larger debate, and hence this blog. The exchanges on the Y-group are reproduced below:

Boycott vehicles with defective number plates


While Dr Saleem, the Addl Commissioner, Traffic, has stated (check this) that he will be taking up an intensive drive against 'defective number plates' (the biggest issue here of course pertaining to the Kannada number plates - very few people want to identify it as such, sinc

Is there a fear of Dr Ashwin Mahesh ushering in a Coterie rule?

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

I had posted this blog on the Hasiru Usiru Yahoo-group, apart from a few others, which can be construed as campaign material favouring Dr Ashwin Mahesh for the MLC graduate constituency vacancy, election for which is coming up in June.

Why is privatisation still a dirty word?


Debates & opposition concerning these issues are part of this process & those that oppose cannot be termed 'vested interests' by those that seek 'speedy' privatization with claims that the aam-aadmi is paying a huge price & that privatization has already made things move towards services becoming world-class (whatever that

How to pave the way for scams in Defence contracts


The Inland Rules was brought in 1986, when the Bofors scam took place, to knock out all honest and straight forward arms dealers. Coincidentally, thereafter, it seems that the scams in defence purchases have become bigger and bigger.

Coalgate: the cost of ideology


The Left Front has always opposed amendment of the Coal Mines Nationalisation Act, 1973, that banned private coal mining, save for captive purposes. UPA-1 wanted to amend this Act in 2004 to allow private mining-after which truly competitive auctions would have become feasible. But the LF prevented any amendment.

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