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Can we hope the politicians are now serious about tackling the impending water crisis?

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Politicians who participated in the discussion were in support of the proposal and praised CPP and BET's efforts in bringing a serious problem to limelight and planning a strategy to fight it. Politicians appeared to be united at the meeting to resolve the imminent crisis.

At present, the population of Bangalore is 85 lakhs. This is likely to be 1.26 crores by 2020 and 2 crores by 2030. The city is expected to receive 1,425 mld (million litres per day) of water after completion of last phase of Cauvery scheme in 2012, which cannot be increased as per Cauvery tribunals allotment of 19 tmc ft. I.e. Cauvery water supply for the city is capped at 1,425 mld permanently. Of this only 925 mld will be available for domestic purpose in BBMP area, as 50 mld is for non-domestic purposes and 45% is unaccounted water. "This gives per capita availability of 93 lpcd (litres per capita per day) for population of 1 crore, which may go down to 73 lpcd by 2020. This is much lesser than Government of India norm of 150 lpcd in metropolitan cities and the shortage will only keep increasing," said V Balasubramanian, Chairman, CPP.

Balasubramanian is optimistic. "We see that there is a political will to fight against this ticking time bomb of water scarcity as public representatives themselves have honestly accepted the responsibility for the situation today," he said.

For the full report in Citizen Matters, click here.

Well, that so many of the elected representatives, across the political spectrum, attended the meeting and participated actively in the deliberations, is itself a positive indication. That elected representatives have necessarily to be accountable to the people, the very basis of democracy, is perhaps seen to be re-establishing itself.

Muralidhar Rao


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PPP route inevitable

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A meeting with Mayor, deputy mayor, leaders and officials will be called soon to discuss on a blue print for distribution of water in the city and a pilot project will be taken up to reduce the amount of unaccounted water, said Mr Suresh Kumar (the minister). He also clarified that there is no plan before government to privatise drinking water. "We know what the price of water is but don't know its value, this mindset has to change, only then we can tackle this issue and conserve water to our future generation," he said.

The P-word has unfortunately got badly tainted, but, largely by the shenanigans of the likes of A Raja. Besides, here, it is not privatising strictly; it is just outsourcing of supply; since the sources are in full control of the government agency involved. Also, the minister has to realise that the government distribution agencies do not have (and, cannot build) the capacities to handle the increasing demands (exemplified by the 45% unaccounted for losses), and the PPP route has now become almost inevitable - check this.

Muralidhar Rao
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Even Politicians cannot be but serious

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After air water is most essential for sustaining life. Hence there is no question of the priorities even for the politicians. We use the corporation water after boiling for drinking purpose.

Any way the private sector is supplying drinking water in sealed water bottles. At restaurants we use water from sealed commercial water bottles. However we cannot rule out any malpractices even here. There are instances of water bottles being filled up with tap water and sealed to be sold at profit.

In any case corporation water is not sufficient for multi story buildings in my road. These houses do get additional water from the Tanker service. 

Murali sir, the compulsory RWH is relevant here, for the fall back option of  the Tanker service. comment guidelines

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