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Pay-and-park put on hold

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Contradictory views and ambiguity shroud many developmental projects. While the agencies and stakeholders continue to dream big, at the end of the day, the projects seem to be just a pipedream. Plans have been made for many multi-storeyed parking plazas and at least 100 on-street parking lots, but the parking policy for the city is itself not clear. As transport minister R Ashoka said at a public function on Saturday, there will be no pay-and-park in the city.

For almost a decade now, there has been talk of private investment in public parking. But sources reveal that private companies are not ready to invest as they are still not assured of a proper system. Even this project has been tendered and re-tendered three times. The biggest hassle urban experts see in the issue is a total lack of sustainable parking policy and clear government stand on it.

One of the deepest frustrations we face is during implementation. In most cases, one section of the government accepts certain recommendations while others contradict it. And the vision remains stuck on papers. It’s time all the stakeholders, including various agencies of the government, work on a comprehensive vision,” explains ABIDe convener Rajeev Chandrashekar.

For the full text of the report that appeared in the TOI, click here

Is it that the hold of the automobile lobby in the state is so strong?

Muralidhar Rao


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how much New Yorkers pay

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Muralidhar Rao
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Why not paid parking?

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It doesnt take long for one to realize high parking fees in the city is an effective means to dissuade private vehicle usage. 

I think the govt is trying too hard to keep themselves relevant to the public and in return causing more harm than good.

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fear of mafia!

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Pioneers in automotive parking machines in the country, the Brigade Road Shops and Establishments' Association, says it is the fear of mafia that prevents the government from permitting pay-and-park to function.

For the full report in the TOI, click here

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